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websiteThis is Xiong Xiaoge, founding partner of

in-depth analysis of website: general profit sources and cost, if a website profit < cost, you can be sure that there will be only two results: either collapse or is running.

1, who did not give commissions paid are liar project.

I began to study the domestic and foreign money project since 2005, began to study and practice do not know from what the novice, understand the network multiplication principle, has been very optimistic about the prospects of the Internet to make money. However, there are a lot of money online fraud projects, some projects is very deceptive, that has been a headache problem for many novice. I’m here to share some of their own Wangzhuan experience.

network fraud tricks in the ever-changing, these are the basic method to judge the Wangzhuan project. Beginner as long as these methods to choose Wangzhuan can greatly reduce the probability of deception, usually have to pay for it. the first A5 network www.74498 Wangzhuan easily reproduced please specify the source of

, what is the Wangzhuan liar

, 4 profit sources and cost analysis of

Xiong Xiaoge: every time I go back to his alma mater are very happy, this is so, why? Just party secretary Chen also said, IDG campus entrepreneurship contest were selected in 18 schools, I only attended two schools will preach, a Tsinghua University ceremony, another is my alma mater Hunan University. Why do you put Hunan University in the end? Because the best thing to stay in the end, I think Hunan University is the best. Hunan University is my dream place, we hope to help the business competition is all mentees to realize their dreams.


The design of

mobile Internet brings us a lot of opportunities, but also reduces the cost of our business. A lot of people ask me where to start a business. I say you can do anything you want with your cell phone. Today, the host introduced Guo column, everyone’s applause is particularly warm, because he made a face called "Meng Meng" APP applications. IDG threw the angel wheel long ago to help them. Your applause just now shows that his product is very popular. Although his business model still has a long way to go, it’s not important. What’s important is that we have to be part of it.

reputation evaluation

why do I mention this? Because you now compared to the past we have many disadvantages, such as how to find a job after graduation? We were assigned to work after graduation, but consider that the distribution of the work are not appropriate, whether with a boyfriend or girlfriend of a piece, but now the key is to find a job I love, probably the best is to do poineering work.

this method is very useful for the novice Wangzhuan: if there is no real cash, according to my experience of this project is a project which nine out of ten, afraid to say good also to be careful.


if the website design looks like a problem can be out of order, imagine the webmaster or attitude, or bad, then the program Fanghei ability is definitely bad, even if he will pay now, generally not long website big have preventing Trojan / hacker attacks.

directly to sh419 and shlf1314 search, to see how others evaluation of this Wangzhuan project, if the vast majority of people that can operate, otherwise also should pay attention to.

project? ?1,

2, you should invest a certain cost, and then tell you can easily earn a lot of money not lose money, the probability is very high. This is a typical use of novice petty and unearned psychology. Such as playing lottery, playing cash games etc..

Mr. Mak said his mother had told >

June 11, 2014, sponsored by the IDG capital, sponsored by the state magazine co sponsored IDG campus entrepreneurship contest, the last stop at Hunan University successfully concluded. The campus entrepreneurship competition for all undergraduate and graduate students, designed to tap the campus genius developers and technical geeks.

, why do you do poineering work best? Everybody knows IDG, chairman Mcgovern, unfortunately, he died in March 19th this year, and I wrote a special article to miss him. I worked with him for 22 years, and I joined IDG 91 years ago and started the fund 93 years ago. I am grateful to him because he not only gave me a chance, but also taught me how to live and live happily in life.

the following text for Xiong Xiaoge’s speech excerpts, without my review:

IDG capital, recalls Mr. Mcgovern, chairman of IDG, the person who had worked with him for 22 years and influenced his life. Mr. Mak told him three of the pleasures of life is: first, do you love and feel passionate about things; second, with a like-minded people to work; third, to achieve a dream, listen to your inner voice, a persistent dream person.

3, the website program, hacking ability.

have the latest collection of figure

Bianzhuohuayang do you think you can earn a lot of mail: for example, $1; hang up 8 yuan an hour; $1 per click etc.. You do not give you the amount of money paid or paid directly to K, say you cheat. This is a typical use of novice want to easily earn more money psychology.


two, judgment method of higher project

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