Online chef reservations platform Kitchensurfing shut down raised 20 millionSu Ying Hou Enlong sel

Kitchensurfing’s initial service to users has allowed them to order chefs several days in advance, but since last year, the site’s service has changed to on-demand. However, any version of the service is not enough to generate sufficient demand to sustain the wind’s investment assistance business. Kitchensurfing is in a competitive market with competitors ranging from financial ingredients to takeout, O2O platforms, Blue, Apron and Plated, and room service companies such as DoorDash, Postmates and Caviar.

recently, the Soviet Union business COO Hou Enlong for the blue whale TMT said that the electricity supplier online traffic costs are getting higher and higher, but the quality has declined. Originally rely on traffic as the main source of income, some types of advertising carriers will be very sad in the future. As for the electricity supplier, the beginning of the content, in fact, slowly start their own traffic, their own management flow, therefore, self line will become the mainstream of the future electricity supplier.

Kitchensurfing is able to provide users with culinary services provided by private chefs. The user can on the Kitchensurfing website according to their number, price, taste and other conditions, select the appropriate recipes and cook, then you can also cook and selected by online communication to customize the menu, you can complete the payment last online. Skilled chefs can also apply to become chefs on the Kitchensurfing platform.

and in this context, Su ningyun will defeat the pure business, must put down channel work well. Hou Enlong analysis, before the Internet selling price, low single customer, take the amount of pure product, actually the product homogenization phenomenon is very serious, it is difficult to do, the Internet business transformation, and the channel sink is an important aspect of the channel; downward, the provision of consumer and commercial attribute of the entity, the scene, only is the best retail innovation. Scene shop is the new trend of retail development in the future. Only a story, emotional shops, in order to arouse consumer empathy, it is conducive to attract customers, enhance sales. The practice of Suning is the future, adhere to the "big shop more, more specifically" strategy, to meet the different needs of people to open vertical stores, as well as fine, professional operation. At present, Suning has set up the red child store, Tesco stores, mobile phone stores, shops and other cloud tide acclaimed stores nearly 4000 stores next, suning will focus on force, hit this year in the consumer market.

as of now, the founder of Kitchensurfing, former chief executive Chris · muscarella Chris Muscarella declined to comment. He started the company in 2012, but left the company more than a year ago. Muscarella successor from social game developer Zynga’s former executives Jon · Tian Jon Tien. Up to now, Jon ·, Tian declined to comment on the report. Mowgli

Hou Enlong said, "Su Ningyun business line under the foundation is very deep, in doing channel sink is certainly more effective than pure electricity supplier enterprise.". He believes that who "self-employed" good decision, who will control the future of the electricity supplier?. On this basis, Suning launched online "famous sale channel, unlike vip’s sale mode, and is different from the NetEase strictly selected ODM mode, select a good product in the department adopts the way of self."

Kitchensurfing website originally said that Friday night’s closing is mainly for website maintenance. But after Re/code contacted the company’s executives, the company’s website changed its tune. Kitchensurfing website now said: "after April 15, 2016, we regret the termination of the business.". Thank you for your support of the company over the last four years."


Hou Enlong said, "recently, Tmall made an ideal life," God cat ", in fact, take the" self rule ", although we are embarrassed to say, but everyone is doing. Why? Because it is a consumers are most concerned about the pain points! They are all say that the platform is the electricity supplier basic standard, in fact, now we found on the transition from the platform to the self, is different, do the speed and time are not the same.


for the problem of electricity supplier channels, when the emphasis on the wisdom of the retail Park landing, reflected in the "product to channel down" eight characters. The so-called product upward, refers to the construction of the supply chain around the user, that is, C2B reverse customization.

multi sources confirmed that Kitchensurfing, a start-up that had been well funded and offered private chef services, was closed. Kitchensurfing, based in New York, has raised nearly $20 million from tiger Global Fund Tiger Global Management, spark capital, and Union Square Ventures.

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