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also because of high risk, private equity investment and financing has been regarded as PE laps VC circle of professional games, but the Internet private equity investment and financing for the so-called "retail investors" to find new opportunities. Usually a lead investor with the cast + "mode of investment and financing platform of Internet private equity, professional investment institutions to lead the venture, the majority of the platform certification of qualified investors with investment, the limited partnership form to confirm the rights and interests of investors.

currently, hundred public platform requirements for qualified investors is to meet the annual income of more than 300 thousand yuan, the total amount of financial assets of more than 1 million yuan or professional investors of these three conditions can be any standard. This is also the current mainstream private equity investment and financing platform for qualified investors requirements.

as of press time, sh419 hundred public platform has launched four financing start-up projects, covering the Internet, O2O, hand travel, video content and other fields. In the four financing projects have been launched in the lightning innovation and sing Jimmy Chung has two projects on the cf.sh419 forecast in April 21st and the 25 on the line on road shows to date, is about to enter the formal financing roadshow, investors need to add micro signal bd-bdbz ordinary bayzone assistant can obtain limited places to participate in the roadshow the.

through the above analysis, whether you have several, is a full-time or part-time Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, if you are a novice, can choose to do part-time, in their spare time to send some energy to do Wangzhuan, have security in life and more suitable for this kind of down, even if not to earn money is not afraid of also, the principal can feed themselves, but also accumulate experience, apply learned into practice, until the time is ripe to choose full-time Wangzhuan, this is also the majority of people will go to a higher road. This article in A5 starting, reprinted, marked ihuanbao.org

, as mentioned above, if you choose to do is to rely on full-time, do Wangzhuan to feed themselves, more difficult, especially for some people, it is not realistic, let you put down the work to join Wangzhuan, possibly months you have no income or income is less. To maintain the basic living security. Of course, there are some master is a full-time Wangzhuan, can rely on the money to feed themselves, and the income is increasing, such as Wangzhuan is there, but very few, they all work is work on the network using computer, can be said to be a self occupation by, do not have to go to work on have income, daily work is just the little mouse and knock on the keyboard, let a person envy.

Wangzhuan full-time

private equity investment and financing refers to investors through private equity investment start-ups, access to the company’s equity, to share the future growth of the company’s earnings. According to the experience of mature equity investment market, the failure rate of early start-up enterprises is higher, and investors should fully realize the high risk characteristics of equity investment.

according to statistics, in 2015 China has more than 100 private equity investment and financing platform, the total financing of about 5 billion 200 million yuan, a number of domestic Internet companies have launched a private equity investment and financing platform, such as Jingdong, 36Kr club to raise public equity.

in addition, the official website of 100 from sh419, the sh419 of private equity financing platform will provide full life-cycle services, sh419 ecosystem based on entrepreneurial enterprises, including fund raising, technical support, personnel recommendations, office space, entrepreneurship training, marketing, strategic guidance, legal advice and support.

from the official website of the introduction, sh419 hundred people is sh419’s commitment to service entrepreneurs and investors in the Internet private equity investment and financing platform, the main entrepreneurial ecology. In the platform to their own position, stressed that "we for business enterprises to provide financing services and services throughout the life cycle of" sh419 "based on ecological, and bring better investment opportunities for private equity investors".

I have been in a line of higher in more than a year, not to mention what master, but at least to make money online have a certain understanding, through the groundless talk, along the way, learn a lot of things, but also accumulated some experience. The following talk about some of the views of the tradeoff between full-time and part-time earning it, hoping to join the direction of this industry for some new wangzhuan.

in a line of higher, perhaps do full-time or part-time is a tangled problem. Full-time to do, and can not completely solve the problem of life, and part-time, but also feel like this line, always feel that the time is too small, do not want to give up. I think this is the most people Wangzhuan troubles, indeed, full-time and part-time for a higher person is very difficult, so we should how to choose it, is a full-time or part-time good good? To analyze the full-time and part-time what are the advantages and disadvantages, and then according to their own situation do choose.

part-time Wangzhuan, on the contrary, the less time, but in his spare time to do Wangzhuan, as many people do not have to go to work at night will use this time to find some items on the Internet to do. Some people are interested, while others want to earn some money by doing part-time jobs in their spare time. Do some good to income, and do not have a lot of time, after all, is a part-time job, if done well, it is just a waste of time, and will not affect the normal life and work, at least life is guaranteed, because it is part-time, they have regular work.

DoNews April 18th news reporter to dense sh419 recently low-key online private equity investment and financing platform, sh419 hundred people cf.sh419, the current platform has been on-line four financing projects, are in the roadshow period.


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