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watched the article for nearly half a year. Today, it’s time for me to write something. That is, yesterday, I made the first pot of gold since I made it, ha ha, although only a small 40, but my mood ah, it is self-evident.


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westernunion advantages:

 :   the global average, every second, people use Western Union to express their wishes to their hometown relatives, to aid in urgent need of tourists, or to trade with each other. Western Union global security electronic system to ensure the safety of each remittance, and operating passwords and passwords for you to verify, so that your remittance in an instant, all in full, safe delivery to the designated payee.

    Western Union; the procedure is simple. It uses the world’s most advanced electronic technology and a unique global electronic financial network, immediately in nearly 200 countries and regions deal with remittances. Within a few minutes, the payee will receive the remittance in full.

    Western Union international remittance company in the foreign agent network all over the world. Agents include banks, post offices, foreign exchange points, railway stations and airports, a total of 135000 proxy outlets. In China, the Western Union Agency has been spread all over the provinces, and the outlets are increasing every day.

extraction quota

westernunion without intermediate costs, to ensure the export amount equal to the amount remitted to the payee shown money. Only in the remittance charge a one-time fee, waive the remittance transfer fee, the general notes between bank charges and cable charges.

simple proceduresRemittance

    A, the remitter to the nearest Western Union agent network, identify the remittance logo, fill in the send form.

    B; submit the completed form and payment

    C, completed the receipt of remittance, send form, and the remittance information collection and remittance monitoring phone numbers to people. If the payee reserves the identity of the receiver to verify the identity of the problem proof of identity as a withdrawal password, should be paid together 0

              I think the mood grassroots webmaster should understand! Do stand before the first half of the year, IP never had 100, even one day suddenly from 60 to 90, I was very happy. Because that’s what I’ve been working on for a long time. In the last few days of 2008 and I always like to open the site to see, look at my poor IP, when I see the password in IP 386 PV 921, ah, what happened? Where is IP, I hasten to carefully check, the original is the site of the keyword DJ400 DJ400 to IP, or GG, sh419 to 30 of the poor, all the other is DJ400. I was excited to see these, after all, IP had 100, and I update the site more diligent, so after a few days, IP not only increased slowly, sh419 IP also changed much, in 2008 the end of the day, which is on the 30 of my site down 2382 IP however, the year 30 to more than 2000, ah, you said I was what kind of mood, I’m excited the first did not go out every day in order to help pay New Year’s call, the site did not eat rice, now get ulcers. The funny thing is, to get these days, one did not get, but I’m still a great motivation, because I believe that the site can make money, or where there are so many people do? Through my efforts IP gradually become stable, is constantly increasing.

last signature: dance ht>

 :         ;     just yesterday, a person plus me, said to put ads on my site, ask me the price of one month. I do not know how much is right, so I thought, a 40 yuan see his reaction, say who knows he said nothing, he agreed, so we how to advertise, where, after the talk on my website, you can see a hacker advertising, he as long as a month, says the effect is good after continue to do, I address here is not to say, so I will be in the final signature. At that time received the 40 yuan, the mood, ah, do not say, afraid of all jokes. Today’s mood is good, special up webmaster nets share with everyone. It’s not easy to be a webmaster. It’s not easy to make a pot of gold. I must update the website here. I wish you all happy in Webmaster net! Do not make a bucket of gold webmaster, do not lose heart, the next may be you!

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