Cao Cao count for Shanghai dragon sacrifice four aspects of user experience

all the webmaster want to site keywords have a good ranking in the search engine, because the rankings have flow, there are users, the next profit point. But many webmaster to Shanghai, but ignore the user experience, the result is: the flow of high quality of the user, but worse. Often the user viscosity is poor. Below I say four because Shanghai dragon caused bad user experience:

Cao Cao The anchor text

, a title and description of the website

anchor text can optimize home page, or a column of the content page, so we have a lot of content in the article webmaster and many of the anchor text, link to the home page, columns, and other articles, the user points after the release is not really what you want, is often a waste of time browsing users read finally, the site closed, will not come again. Add anchor text should be appropriate, and not see article add, see the word will add.

source: push the grass network Links platform (www.tuicao贵族宝贝) original 2011-2-21


is a deliberate attempt to highlight important articles in the list in a bold title or title red, so often make web pages appear messy. The best way is recommended column position or headlines in other important places, which is convenient for the user to the browser, but also highlights the articles to make the search engine more attention. The two is to optimize an article, put some words in the content of bold or marked red, the purpose is to let the search engines pay more attention to the text so as to achieve the optimization of the article keywords ranking. But this will make the content of the show is very chaotic, poor reading experience. No matter you not be bold bold, search engines to extract the text, not superfluous.

three, the article deliberately to stack keywords

four, the content of the article

two, the title and content of the

in the search results, the most important is that the site’s title and description. In a user does not know the web site, the title and description is his eyes, look at this site will have what they need, whether can let oneself comfortable browse articles. Webmasters often go to website title and description stack keywords, is often the ranking is up, but not to flow. Deceive the search engine’s eyes, but did not deceive the user’s eyes. A simple and general feeling of title and a long website provide the service description, often more let customers, are more likely to make the website brand, more easily spread.

in order to achieve the purpose of optimization, the position of each intentionally stack keywords, users at a time also cannot read what meaning, see the article to see to the fog, who will love this website? Even if the keywords go up, do not value.

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