A common excessive optimization performance and the possible consequences

we do in the station optimization, the article page will often add a little more in the chain, a lot of good Shanghai dragon Er do good, in fact, the author in this regard is not very good, always find a good scale, do not know where the link with what. Some new friends may be some low-level error is encountered keywords, give a link to the home page immediately, appropriate to do so is good, can improve the rankings, but everywhere do, one is the impact of the user experience, but excessive optimization, may be punished in a moment.

is the most basic condition of excessive optimization, for new sites may lead to excessive optimization, stay in the sandbox for a long time, for the old station, individual generally is not a problem, but if reached a certain threshold of the search engine, it can be.

2, short-term inside and outside the chain surge.

often encounter such a situation, generally is set as the main anchor text keywords, and almost all of the anchor text using the same words, this is typical of the excessive optimization, good luck may not be much of a problem, but bad luck, a day in Shanghai, this station can will be miserable. It also includes a chain of words, try not to choose only one variety, can do.

1, the external links all the same.

?The anchor text of

whether new or old station, are likely to be the case, excessive optimization is brought about by the keyword ranking rose very quickly in the short term, rushed to a very good position, but good times don’t last long may encounter drop right, or ranking all the time. Then some common excessive optimization performance and what are the

is a large mass garbage chain, then fell in love with the sea k you did not discuss, so I don’t say this, but the quality good outside chain. About the friends of the chain, we will try to choose the high quality, the chain said completely impure in the garbage, but many owners will encounter such a situation, is in the short term exchange a lot of friends of the chain, this is a very bad signal, we have been talking about, friends of the chain to slow the stability the growth, as I am now a day, one to two, this is generally not a problem, but in the short term to increase the number of friends of the chain, probably because of excessive optimization problems. In addition to a clear point, is the construction of the chain continued to increase, the rapid increase never for a period of time, and then suddenly stopped, it is not good practice.


3, form a single link station.

very many webmaster have encountered such a situation, in the absence of any cheating, completely didn’t do black hat Shanghai dragon, but there is a sense of drop right, keywords ranking drop of the phenomenon, shortly before that friends have encountered such a phenomenon, in fact, we just can’t find the reason when we should consider, you whether the recent station excessive optimization.

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