A few things fine love Shanghai Webmaster Platform chain tools

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform in continuous improvement, is the 10.30 love Shanghai Webmaster Platform new generalized chain query tool, and today A5 Hu Rong also said the guests waiting for you, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform will continue to improve, it is said that the chain query tool will upgrade this month, the webmaster can look at love in Shanghai Webmaster Platform. A few things outside the chain below the author in his own website that Shanghai platform query tool.

why is that? I do not know if you noticed, when we click the link according to the number of rows, you can see a website link to their website at most times. It can be seen from high to low, or from low to high, see what you see.

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform should be better, the webmaster can pay more attention to your. The first, from Shanghai dragon marketing 贵族宝贝xiaorong Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/413.html

one point: through the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform outside the chain of tools, we can see the link to your website link domain name


through here, I looked at it and found that only published articles with links to your web site page will be here, maybe many webmaster would say, when domain saw a lot of BBS signature are included, yes, but this is the chain query tool, this is not the same. But by this point we can see the forum signature weight is very low, in the forum if you just stick to your site, the chain is not what good. But this tool now can not query the anchor text of the chain, so as to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform said, outside the chain of tools will be upgraded in this month, I think the main point is that the website can query the anchor text of the chain.

two things: check your external links links to your web page

appeared in most of the 28, there are five links.



here includes links to your website external links links page, such as you in a forum with the article, and loved Shanghai included, here we can see. For example, my website to the chain summary is 62.

is like my own website, you can see the home page, link to the majority, 58, then a category page. The last one is the article page. Because when I do the chain is the main promotion page, add the link is home. So the number of times he.

three things: convenient to see which links to their website links accounted for up to

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