Analysis how will be a new Shanghai dragon to the home page

in Shanghai Longfeng training institutions of learning and experience, here to write a business will be a new network marketing optimization process. Network marketing, I believe we are not unfamiliar, along with the popularity of the Internet in twenty-first Century, large and small enterprises with e-commerce revolution led to the development of network marketing, the new situation in all walks of life from the traditional marketing way to integrate network marketing development, the original intention of writing this article is to help small and medium-sized enterprises can quickly will your new row to the first page, we learn when to graduate soon before (i.e. combat course) the school also took many enterprises to optimize the list make our school do, training teacher also wrote a lot about the enterprise website optimization and promotion experience sharing as our theoretical courses. Well, then we will start the body.


!The Optimization selection of

three, the website chain

first, I personally think that some not blind to the selection and optimization of the site is very fire, very competitive keywords, now do business and personal Shanghai dragon very much, especially the fire industry, very popular keywords is more competitive, if you like to win in these people, chances are slim because of you, but in Shanghai, love competition in front of the Google website, they are a few years old station, the weight is very high, as a new station, want to in a very short time to go beyond these old station is not so easy.

data update station

select the actual application site, select keywords, search the number of small competition. The fastest site is the search volume target customers, competition small keywords, keywords from the user’s point of view, on the website of the transformation of the target customers rate is very high. Comparison of the old station keywords optimization go up more easily. Even if you are not many articles, the chain little! For new sites to update every day, every day, the stability of the chain, keywords to optimize up, spend much need

keyword ranking more stable! Won’t have too big fluctuations. Key words do go up, generally do not need to maintain every day, occasionally go to update the site, send the chain can.

According to my


railway station early establishment, insist that every update to two original articles, you can not write false, but you false is better a chain effect is very big, it can greatly increase the spider crawling in the heart war times, can shorten the included time to a certain extent. New online, data can not be too small, want to have enough data, and internal links should be reasonable, this is a forming site, the spider crawling for the site page impression is not low, like real friends, for the first impression of a new friend is good, may soon be met second times, third times, spiders have the same.

then Sitelinks, under normal circumstances, each module of the new home > and the entire station

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