Double flow secret Shanghai dragon to tell you how to optimize the inside pages of Jones

Shanghai Longfeng hope

, 2 increase in the voting score

1, the content of the page itself to the high quality of

Shanghai Longfeng novice site optimization, love will send the chain to the home page of the website, this will cause the search engine doubt, increase punish website risk. Shanghai Longfeng Jones recommends for the inside pages also made outside the chain, not only let the site outside the chain is natural, but also can improve the weight of the inside pages, promote the long tail word inside pages of the rankings.

2) within the chain page number: the higher the degree of competition, the need for more support chain. The correlation page recommendation is the most helpful, can improve the page weight, good note: Shanghai dragon in order not to increase the link to add links.

1) page title, keywords, description should be closely related with the needs of visitors, to reflect the keywords in the title, and to try to make the title attractive and stimulating visitors click, Shanghai dragon sent on its website www. Jones Shanghai dragon qibing贵族宝贝 article title we can refer to. For example: "reduce the absorption of " website jump out rate; " Dafa!", "high quality chain construction", "surprise! Indestructible body allows the site to drop right away from magic!", is to stimulate visitors to read some articles, click on the more than 1000 times.

The contents of the original

each of their web traffic doubled, popular keyword optimization but many people tend to focus only on the dynamic web page, it is actually not too good. Not only the fierce competition for popular keywords optimization is high, and the flow is often not strong, the conversion rate difference. Want to improve website traffic have to rely on a large number of pages long tail word acquisition, how to improve the website page rank? Jones Shanghai dragon to share several points.

2) is a necessary condition, but also to achieve the requirements of "dry cargo". If the page content value is not high, so the user experience will be very poor, and the page will be very low score. If the page is your original text carefully, if you have not been visited or visitors for a short time off, will also be search engine to determine the low quality junk page.

3, increase the station voting score

1) within the chain page quality: the higher the degree of competition, support the use of higher weight pages (e.g. home page, column page).

short, a site traffic to have a comprehensive and sustainable development, not only rely on home popular word ranking, a large number of pages have the best ranking, widely introducing flow. And this.

also, sometimes also Shanghai dragon according to the article. This will promote the introduction of traffic. In fact, love Shanghai bidding if use of page ranking is also to promote the good experience, the page can significantly improve the weight and ranking. But take note: if the flow in click off, jump out rate is very high, the page weight score will be very poor.

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