2013 Shanghai dragon to change the idea of being state of mind for the future

There is a great variation of the search engine will be

put the mentality of careful study of

in the coming year, we should pay attention to the change of search engine. But we like before too rely on search engines, as long as the algorithm will change, or a little Starving people fill the land. phenomenon. Calm thinking and careful study, to better than negative conflict. We have to consider the real God clear face, they may be more favorable to please. The so-called transformation ideas, is from the search engine as the center to the user as the center of the transfer, don’t focus completely focus on the search engine, but more focus on the users. Such a change may make you more focused to do stand, to improve every aspect of the site, rather than delving into some small skills, get a rank, cut-off flow. Can be found, there are many websites, very focused on the construction site, especially the content of construction, with this will not focus too much on the search engine changes. While their website every day visitors still flow, sales prospects. Even in love Shanghai several large fluctuations in the algorithm, but also unscathed. Why? Because they know the way of business, to seize the user to seize everything, not to seize the search engine will be able to seize all. It can be said that these sites are very strong in the ranking of all search engines, their ranking is not a simple keyword search results, brand effect has gone beyond its keyword itself. However, these sites and not because of these achievements, they continue to seek a breakthrough, make oneself more perfect, make the user experience better, provide more convenience to the user.

we don’t put too much focus on the way in the search engine, the search engine is different, but the user is the same, there is a demand for people’s needs is to go. Therefore appropriate to change back to the right path. In our success, we can not stop, but also continue to seek a breakthrough. After all, the competition is fierce, how can better improve the service system, keep the user, we need more effort.

2013, we also in what attitude to face? Is it still resisted? Can we calm down to think seriously about how to adapt to changes in the industry, to seek a breakthrough and development of new? We can do.

no matter what the situation, the mentality is very important. Do not do well is the ability, willing to do is state.

transform ideas continue to break

is coming to the end of 2012, throughout this year, there have been a lot of changes in Shanghai dragon industry. These changes, also let us feel the development of the industry is not easy, if we are too subjective, too anxious, eventually ended in failure. In love Shanghai has algorithm upgrade, so many small owners who were injured, but many owners of aggressive behavior also reflects their resentment. We must constantly self-examination, instead of complaining and revenge.

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