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on the Internet all the data only two, discrete and continuous. Continuity can count the number of the chain, for example, keyword occurrences, processing of these factors is used directly to count, but because some number may be very large, must be taken to reduce the influence of the log, there is a problem of 贵族宝贝blog.sina贵族宝贝.cn/ s/blog_5dac285301010jpj.html is larger when the log will be reduced once the influence of zero, said dianping贵族宝贝 keyword density problems here, there is a lot of problems, in some measure, whether or not to take the number, are showing a positive effect, but the role of reduced, this is a problem such as acceleration, smaller force, acceleration smaller, but the speed also increased ing. This is a misunderstanding.

do not study on the characteristics of Shanghai dragon weight I feel is a very absurd, but seemingly bigwigs do not love, even if is the hottest professional forum, you can see that the chain, content, anchor text, server speed and other details, you even can not search any fresh stuff this is not normal.

love Google Shanghai and the biggest difference lies in the index of the quantity is not the same as the Google, so the processing capacity required, but the final ranking will be more objective, more broad matching index, love Shanghai, showing a prominent among the state, this is also the two results the biggest difference between the ranking.

for feature weights, a series of factors, its main role is to influence the final SERP result, and the influence factors of each phase and the time difference is not the same, the scope of influence is not the same. If you are the first of the Shanghai dragon Er, you already know what feature weights, you also need to know the spider is how to deal with, because only after the feature weight is the intuitive data display.

to write an article about Shanghai Longfeng optimization details, because we always said Shanghai dragon will start from the details, but the talk can not talk about, why? Because no one knows to pay attention to the details of what we know all the details to grasp the mechanism of Shanghai dragon, this is the most difficult to that is to say, the most basic is to do good people. This article first, no narrative, feature weight problems.

for discrete data, generally use the SVM processing mechanism is more of a more of an indicator, here is the most important thing is how to add to the size of the discrete data, is using the transfer or give different weight distribution is not the same as the ratio of the right to take. No matter how calculated, the final result will show could not be controlled, but the index change, will be uncontrollable factors increase greatly, but also more scope to meet people’s matching.

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