A failure of the Shanghai dragon Er what it is like

Shanghai dragon industry today, the successful Shanghai dragon Er, Shanghai dragon team and Shanghai dragon training institutions, but have not thought about a failure of the Shanghai dragon Er is what look like? The success of Shanghai Longfeng er must be in a certain area has a unique profile or success achieved by Shanghai dragon my ideal and the kind of people share their own experiences out; the success of the Shanghai Phoenix team is a team with the success of technology, theory and practice and help a lot of enterprises or individuals to achieve their ideal; the success of the Shanghai dragon training institutions must also be some success in training a group and a group of the Shanghai Dragon worker, let them realize their dreams in life, then a failure of the Shanghai dragon Er what is

The theory of knowledge between

is today’s purpose of writing this article is to motivate yourself to find the direction do not lose, on the other hand also to have the same experience following friends can "Oliver is boundless, repent and be saved" have a goal to execute. Then, a failure of the Shanghai dragon Er what is it


a success must be started very early study of Shanghai dragon or set a good mentor to learn authentic theory, take seriously the Council and made a successful practice; but a loser is who really want to quickly grasp the Shanghai dragon, constantly looking for Shanghai Longfeng knowledge. Learn a lot, a lot of time also learn a lot of things away. Successful people according to their own theory and practice of knowledge innovation constantly discovering new can come to share things, gradually become the theory; loser is constantly looking for new knowledge, new theory, continue to learn, continue to the last time because There is not much left.. "

it is white hat Shanghai dragon or its opposite, circles have a lot of success, they got what they wanted. Some of the unique qualities of their success depends on the nature of Shanghai dragon Er should have, this is a failure of the Shanghai dragon Er does not have. There are some other things that will affect a Shanghai dragon Er is success or failure, I will be in the following paragraphs. Describe a success and failure difference between them, to tell a loser should pay attention to the problem.

first, winners and losers

is a success and failure, so a very hard for success accidentally fell into the other side of the wall to be a loser, which in Shanghai Longfeng field is also very easy to see. There have been some very successful people have been trying to do their job but found the Shanghai dragon, the effect is too slow, so the reverse side began to get involved in the white hat Shanghai dragon, smattered take practice, turned out to be a loser. This is not a criticism of the fold side, of course the opposite to earn your bowl of meat fat and slow There are plenty of people who.

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