About 360 search and love Shanghai in search of user experience with specific function


in the film, the 360 search should be love Shanghai model to imitate, is also a film, because the love of Shanghai is working with Iqiyi, 360 search film mainly from the 360 film unique information platform, which is the main source of the film, in the two aspects, for information resources, people still think love Shanghai television channel more gained popularity, after all, is now online video to youkutudou as the core, and then drop the market share, the 360 film where the current



television channel

in Shanghai love view, 360 search is copied to a large part of Shanghai in search of love, in fact, is really very similar, it is no wonder that love Shanghai will feel that the 360 data theft is not infringement, ready to make a complaint, then the author will do some statistics, what is similar to



b) life service query function similar to

C 360) application and application (i.e., love love Shanghai Shanghai box)

when the 360 search results "calendar", there were 360 applications, was shocked to think, 360 search is certainly very early before the project, but also a lot of things are a direct reference to the love of Shanghai, where even the love Shanghai had become the 360 application of imitation application, have to say 360 of the search planning for a long time, then I open the 360 page application, found application to see a lot in our daily life, the application is set to search, can indeed be great effect.

the last 360 search spread, these days, has been in trial 360 search, after all it can and Sogou through the navigation to feed their search function, is a good idea, these days, read the news that the 360 search market share has reached 10%, on the other hand also, 360 navigation share, also from another point of view that who occupied the entrance of the Internet who can trust such a truth, good, other than that, this article will talk about the trial after 360 search, search and love Shanghai compare in terms of functions, user experience with the opposite sex.

in life, we usually have to query "weather forecast", we usually express a single query, we usually look at the calendar, and so on are now directly in the search and the 360 reflected, and love will be the same as in Shanghai, some popular results reflected directly in the SERP page. Create a convenient mode.

a) similar to the

360 search VS love Shanghai search common

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