Any nternet user experience the first time Shanghai Dragon

is a small series of self reference instructions when Shanghai love experience, no other guesses of Italy, the webmaster can look across, if you want to discuss a message. The original 88 tiger fortune sign test (贵族宝贝88hu贵族宝贝/xingzuo/), please indicate.

launched a new version of the white paper, and the content of the site made for television commentary, most of the existence of fraud in the video site, which seriously affect the user experience. As a user often chase drama will search for relevant keywords drama, often presented to the user in the search results are false, cheat the user traffic. This site to the user without experience at all.

video site inventory fraud

common beauty or female sites, the content of the web site layout will be divided into multi page display, users need to click on a time when reading an article, sometimes when the speed is not good, or the web server is suck, read a short article, need to spend a long time. Tabbed browsing appears to be more in-depth to attract users to click, essentially affect the bounce rate website, this site users bounce rate may be relatively high, the user wasn’t wasted in waiting time on page jump.

love Shanghai will focus on

search engine is the final high quality content is presented to the user to read, so for webmasters, the site user experience of search engine can be higher, the greater the chance to show in front of. Love Shanghai in the new version of the white paper also increases the user experience of the site layout should be reasonable, that the layout appearance, easy to browse and reading; do not add advertising text, and advertisement content matching to high content of a website. In the face of similar quality to the contents of web browsing experience better, easier to obtain ranking higher, but for poor web browsing experience, love Shanghai search engine will reduce its apparent show probability even refused to included.

is not just a video site for cheating sites, like some of the software download site, download information with false is also a lot of, is not familiar with the Internet users to download software, Download comes with a lot of useless not related software, maybe a long time did not get the download when you want the software download success. Cheat content can be brought to the site more clicks and traffic, but this is not a long-term business plan, to long-term retain customers, or go to the layout of the site from the user’s point of view, really provide valuable content to the user.

Internet era cannot do without Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon age cannot do without the user. Since Google search engine left Chinese search engine market, love Shanghai occupy a huge share of love in Shanghai in order to let the webmaster better operation sites, has been the introduction of "once again stressed the importance of the user experience of" love Shanghai search engine quality white paper "a new version of the white paper.

love Shanghai white paper to increase user browsing of

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