2012 classic event marketing case SKYCC borrow video marketing success

video marketing, subsequent video "IT grass root identity exposure, then issued by" video secret event in the first video release when the waste heat is not scattered, once again aroused fervent attention, compared to the first video on the area of the SKYCC combination marketing software advertising, the video clearly increase the length of SKYCC, said SKYCC director of lead and encourage free SKYCC combination marketing software. This is a classic place.

SKYCC I think, this video marketing approach is very good, hard journey IT grass root webmaster can easily cause webmaster and IT entrepreneurs will pay attention to the emotional resonance, natural video, also inadvertently remember SKYCC combination marketing software, is very classic.

Some data

is a free video of the shooting, but the fire inadvertently. Look from the surface, it seems that, but watch the video, I found that this is the release of the video is not random, a video marketing event but well planned, and the planning side, is the protagonist in the video seemingly no intention of actually arranged SKYCC combination marketing software mentioned carefully.

believes that the recent webmaster friends have watched one called "confession", a IT grass root of the video, the video is about a IT grass root webmaster hard poineering course, hard work but still can not find the direction of success. Video released a week on Youku broadcast a number of more than 300 thousand, to discuss the video post has become the major SNS community, forum hot posts, do not concern is difficult. Is this video fire.

from the Shanghai love index we can see that, since the second release of the video, the attention of SKYCC increased by 2118%, the effect of visible video for SKYCC combination marketing software brings.

This is just the beginning of the video


careful study of the Internet, it is not difficult to find, a IT video "grass root confessional" release, due to some deep feelings about watching the video of IT entrepreneurs, join the webmaster, this video is in a short period of time a burst of red network.


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