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Liu Chuanzhi, President of

Lenovo once said such a sentence, "the leader of Arabia is the number of 1, with the 1, with a 0, it is 10, two and 0 is 100, three and 0 is 1000, a good leader, to be able to personally personally do an example, lead the team to grow and secure them together. For the senior level of ability, so a rumor: how executives do not know the direction of the flow of the three, let them fail to continue to explore; second executives know how to communicate but still cannot indicate the road; and top executives can clear objectives, clear team members need not make the way weeds do.

for entrepreneurs to the success of the project, only to keep their "GDP" is not enough, how to choose the right partner together, how to face your peers on how the market operation of harbour evil designs, cooked in the heart, need to be carefully pondering.

executives on foot, not to say, subordinates do not do anything. When retired attorney Chen Yanshi told Li Dakang to the party’s letters when he could react no echo, they have been under the overhead; when the sister imitate petition process at the dinner table, he understood that this should be close to the people’s government has let people complain incessantly. As the founder of Jingzhou City people rich "entrepreneurial projects, Li Dakang took up a team that wanted to make a point, what results will seem powerless but. So, want to start, first of all to use.


but because of this oral legend, leading many start-up teams overestimated the executive role in the formation of the team, the management and the blind pursuit of luxury lineup, even employees are put together, all kinds of CXO has been fully equipped. Generally speaking, such a team, investors will maintain a cautious attitude.

    building a website is the basic element of network marketing. In the past many small companies or professional network company, or find a web page will do little for the youth, then you learn to do. Today’s website construction is becoming more and more sophisticated, more and more demanding, and therefore should find professional network companies, or the use of self-help tools to build their own company website, become a lot of small business owners to consider the problem.
website known as long as typing can be achieved

then how do you choose a startup team? First of all, talk about executives.


corruption Jingzhou City Vice Mayor Ding Yizhen, as an important clue to the first set, then grand debut. During the many developers did not forget to toast each other and emphasized that "I" is the embodiment of the Secretary, very close to the beginning as their leaders wore with a "villain" label a small hat; and he then fled the success, not only put Li Dakang on the air waves is more sharp, let the light peak project 28 billion of the city almost abortion, to the local economic environment bring heavy blow.

executives to recruit, but not many strokes. On the one hand, senior talents who have switched from famous big enterprises have gone into the first line

right for Ding Yizhen after escaping

entrepreneurial team — Jingzhou City Vice Mayor Ding Yizhen and district officials

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