To solve the noble baby webmaster tool export data garbled

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, the 2 links pointing to your site

1, the

statistics data captureThe number of

data can see the website of the internal links, whether important pages get more internal links? Internal link distribution you do good? Here you can clearly see, with the ranking index and the website above said external links will know who get the external links page is not enough, there are the data guide website of Shanghai dragon.

so there is need to export data to do? That noble baby webmaster tools not good is only derived data is not our common format, some people use the encoding conversion tool to achieve normal format view, but I think this way is slow, here is my own way.

, "every day to grab every day to download data, download page for the three time this data is very important, through the three data you can know your site every day by the nobility baby BOT crawl and download, when there are problems when grasping this report can also timely response the problem, not only that, these three data have intersection, because of space or in writing this part alone.

3, internal links

webmaster tool my personal nobility baby love the data out analysis, because it is a little thin, can also avoid the need for later recorded when they can’t find. People love view and export data are the following:

rough look at the words of the three data is certainly need to get. Of course, if you are careful diagnosis website you need to use other data, here is a little about the 3.

to search query data for example:

this is a Shanghai dragon and a big weapon as everyone knows, when in use can really help me to improve Shanghai Longfeng efficiency, should each Shanghai dragon Er should all go to apply for the use of the Shanghai dragon based tools. I have a big fan noble baby webmaster tools, think this tool is really at work to help me solve many problems, such as the simple HTML error to the complex web site being malicious attacks and so on, noble baby webmaster tools can ever find problems, and gives reasonable modifications, thus saving the unnecessary time, improve the work efficiency of Shanghai dragon.


data is better than any of the chain query tools are powerful, can know the web page of the external links number and the source domain, from which one can see the external links to your compliance with the principle of universality. Not only that, it also tells the anchor text site, which usually is the concept of the anchor text.

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