The high quality of the chain and the original structure of the site to build a good ranking

on the site of the original article Shanghai dragon is very important, if a site does not have too many fresh contents, the search engine spiders crawl frequency will be less and less, and even cut off. Before the snapshot website content is not updated for a long time to to date, like my site like [url], because a month not to update the contents of lead in the end of the month when the love of Shanghai snapshot update, retreated to 03 years of the date, but it was found in the spider crawling website, so I increase the frequency of updates of web content, less than half a month’s time on the next snapshot, and ranking also slowly row up. Update on the importance of Shanghai dragon website content is the most basic things is very important, is the key factor that we have to do.


Effect of

also is the structure of our website is easy to overlook the problem, a lot of people because the contact Shanghai dragon just less, to the structure of the web site is not familiar with, leading to their web site after online, often ranking is not stable, and relatively good keywords has been difficult to row up. For example, another site I like, because you do not familiar with the Shanghai Phoenix based knowledge of the internal structure of the website is very bad, do not know how to layout your keywords, and internal links do not know how to do, take a long time to optimize a key word, a long time effect are not obvious, and this not with ranking. Later the whole structure of their site to re design and layout, the quality of the website suddenly came up, the ranking came out very quickly. The structure of the site should be paid attention to, may not how hot word effect is not large, the more popular.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization have many methods, but eventually, just outside the chain of high quality, high quality and high quality original website structure. For the high quality of the chain, a lot of people do not have what too much impression, a lot of people outside the chain the more the better of the website, and then to various forums, to stay outside the chain, the daily workload is very large, but hard for a long time, the chain website gets is really the less. Why is there such a phenomenon? The importance of the first is a chain of place, although many forums can leave the chain, but to leave the requirements of the content is relatively high, must have relevance, if there is no correlation between is easy to delete. In addition, the most can easily leave the chain of the forum is not very stable, many are new online website, not familiar with the forum function, and the theme of the website or not designed, shielding then the BBS of the chain and delete, and it is also the site for other types of switching the chain disappeared. There is the chain of the left quality is also very important, the chain of original content and popularity high on our website gives weight is very high. The chain optimization is that we do not ignore the details, don’t try to quantity, quality and stability is the key of the chain.

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