Write website title user experience and ranking two

sometimes we don’t be afraid to spend time in the website, in fact, in the above time is worth it, not only for the ranking ready, at the same time as the click rate ready. Not an attractive title, the user is not to click, if your keywords ranking optimization is up, but no one has been on the home page click, or click rate is very low, the search engine think you this site on the user experience is not good, you will naturally decline the keywords ranking. On the other hand, your website title without this keyword, but others click more, large flow of words, will also improve your current web site keywords ranking. So the website can not only pay attention to the title keyword list, more important is to focus on the user experience, after the search engine will pay more attention to the user experience in the weights of the factors.

The weight of


site title keyword, which in Shanghai Longfeng community has no secret, so there is a lot of the site title list of keywords, resulting in the title is smelly and long, this website title click rate will be very high? I am sure that will not be too high, what is the reason? That is the neglect of the title of the website user experience, don’t think user experience only for web content, in fact, the user experience design to all aspects of the web site, including a lot of details. How to write a user experience and ranked the two correct title? Kotsuru tell you, just write the title of the website.

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writing site title we have to make good use of Chinese segmentation technology, so that you do not write a keyword, because you do have a correlation with keywords, so that there will be a number of key words contain the same words, and then you put their order, the re emergence of the word removed, a once, this title will be concise, conducive to ranking, and the user experience is better. First look at a website title.

this title is very simple, users see also know this is a Shanghai sex website ranking optimization, but also includes a lot of optimized target keywords, such as improving the ranking, love Shanghai love Shanghai snapshot optimization keywords, can be combined with many key words. Can continue to see below.


screenshot, the feeling is not very clear, but I still can see the red keywords in the title, which full list of keywords, this can also be beneficial to ranking, not only all the keywords list can be conducive to the rankings, actually the effect is almost the same. Only the title keywords with the weight of the position of the closer in front of the keyword weight is higher, more to the back of the lower weight.



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