What kind of website can be routed to the Shanghai home of love

Hello, I am Harbin actual web design, recently found love Shanghai keywords ranking, one day several way, sometimes Telecom and Netcom simultaneously access the results are not the same, may love Shanghai in the recent update it, or in the adjustment of the algorithm, a few of my ranking still can have three domain name the rankings are in Shanghai love home, can not be general keywords, are like construction sites in Harbin, Harbin website design, Harbin network company, although the search volume is not large, but the competition is absolutely not to say, days of this summary, I simply tell you, we analysis is this.

Harbin is one of the actual web design, one is in the application of science and technology, but it is my station, I have time to share with you, there is an old site, driven by the railway station, get good rankings, in fact, would like to share with you, but I feel the time is not ripe key words, like this, in Harbin Internet companies also have some of my station, well, here is what kind of station search engine more love, especially the love of Shanghai.

Optimization of


then is the concrete optimization way, I suggest using optimization methods, the edge of why, I feel only take some risks, in order to better grasp the extent of optimization, not to the extreme, so do not know the search engine’s bottom line, I put every one of the words in the search engine like place, for example, I put in the above keywords, and add anchor Wendian, website is to use text position, static link, is also very simple, you carefully look at me, a lot of text and columns are all ready for the search engine, he can say what love, what I do.


first cut a figure, that I am not bragging.

good, there must be a stable environment, so the stability of the space, become very important, not in the money, which I said many times, there are several stations, because it’s not stable ranking has changed a lot, now restored, customers are not satisfied so, don’t spend money in space is the value, website open speed actually increase to a great extent, expensive space generally have your reasons.

to do the quality of the chain, don’t do some useless links, sometimes a good link to the best of dozens of spam links, what is called quality links, I feel can be included in the search engine portal links to good links, so that is a little strange, in fact our search engine included in Sina, Tencent, or I often released home owners and webmasters, these places included relative to those of big door easy, such links, search engines will give high weight, especially love Shanghai, those who do not know the name of the place on the free, there is Shanghai love their own products, which I will not say, such.

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