Three during the novice must go through the site optimization analysis

some of the classic martial arts drama of the 86 edition of the < us for having heard it many times; Condor Heroes > all too familiar, the protagonist Guo Jing is a young very dull before success, a lot of things teach him several times or not understands, but Guo Jing’s biggest point lies in the continuous efforts, not discouraged don’t give up the pursuit of the spirit of hard work. As a Shanghai dragon Er, especially the novice we did not, in such a stage, enter a new industry, we are always full of passion, hard every day to see the video, go to the forum, continue to accumulate in Shanghai dragon network promotion of their knowledge, this time for professional knowledge we may be omitted understand the fur, but in the process of learning we progress every day, sleep in the learning satisfaction, because we have a dream, the dream of carrying our hope, learning is the moment we should do things in the process of learning, we have accumulated a lot of knowledge optimization, constantly the accumulation of a Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, so the author thinks that the novice not in their strong enough when learning is the most urgent thing to do.

second, Shanghai Phoenix encounter various problems can hardly be avoided early learning.

after learning stage, we mainly focus on the color Oh professional books and some industry portal to draw nutrients, some of the basic concept of what we know, some optimization ideas and processes of routines we generally understand, this time is the necessary stage of our combat verification thought, because we are in the process of practice there were all kinds of confusion, this time we come back to seriously review our prior to the accumulation of knowledge, analysis of the knowledge for the problem now can deal with the problems encountered in the practice stage, is very normal, we should use the practice process to find out their shortcomings and problems, this time interaction communication is very important, we want to integrate some professional Shanghai dragon forum or circle, must learn to consult others, for example Ask your co-workers, into some problems of Q group ask his other friends in the optimization process, see what others analysis? For you the answer we have to be careful screening and screening, do not blindly listen to form their own judgment on the basis of the analysis, this stage in the process of problem "in

first, after Shanghai dragon Er novice learning is the most important thing.

as everyone knows, the site optimization process in detail factors is very important, as a novice webmaster in our website optimization problem we must face in mind the different stages of the optimization process to grasp, as we have not experienced novice optimization, each optimization process is very worthy of small success we are pleased that the optimization is a process of accumulation, but the different stages of the things we need to do is focus on different, well, we enter today’s theme, the three processes of novice must experience analysis of website optimization.

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