Shanghai love Spark Program has been the era of content is king

, more than 80% of the news and information are collected in artificial reproduction or machine, then the Internet long-term point of view, these articles were collected and the site is not the integrity of the acquisition may lead to reduce the readability of the article, the direct impact on the user experience. The original article is flow of traffic, will directly affect the quality of original owners and the author proceeds. So if you want more sites provide more high quality articles, we need to encourage high quality original.

?According to a survey from Shanghai love

the original article sinks push network logo

state diagram

spark plan regarding the dynamic:

network reported on June 24th: May 15, 2013 sinks push love Shanghai original spark program quietly on the line, sinks push the network to understand love May 15th Shanghai original spark program at the testing stage, the news media website original content annotation. After the owners of the house reported: "in a search test on the portal site IT news links, Sina, Tencent has only found the original content annotation phenomenon, and the Sohu, the NetEase has not yet found. Among them, people贵族宝贝.cn global network, chinanews贵族宝贝, twenty-first Century economic report website also has original content annotation". In the original content annotation is love Shanghai in the search results interface on the part of the site appeared "XXX original article" logo.

in June 20th launched the Spark Program on the same day, love Shanghai was updated again, "

2, the original spark program for a period of time after the line in the original URL traffic growth significantly and gradually stabilized.

1, order: to meet the needs of users under the premise of the original URL to give priority to display;

in the second original spark program in Shanghai, love will continue to expand coverage, in various vertical field will invite some more high-quality original content site, recently will have received the invitation of Shanghai webmaster love. At the same time, the original "origin" algorithm upgrade will be in the near future, a large number of individual quality original content will have obvious effect to enhance.

!Why did

sinks push the network to understand the June 20, 2013 original spark program has a progress; the original spark program by invitation system, mainly focused on the news content, covering the news site about one million URL in the progress of the original spark plan of the first phase of the original content has also been obtained for:

launch the original spark plan

on the same line in the original site of the spark program has also been rapid growth:

2 show: to show the form of giving the rich original content (below) the original marker in order to guide more users to reach high quality original site

The original URL flow

, a display and flow rate:

two update:

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