Shanghai Longfeng material website 7 Dutch Act regulations have you noticed

, the 4 images instead of text links: replace text with images is not good, especially when you do not fill in < ALT; > marker. However, even if you fill in the < ALT > mark, it is not the same as a bold, underline, 16-pt. The use of image navigation links, so only this is true of the site layout is very important.

Material Corporation

Javascript: 1, if used properly, it will not hurt. But if you show the main contents by JavaScript, which makes it more difficult to follow if chaos spider JavaScript code and spiders cannot follow, it will damage your rating.

2, image text: text site is very boring but there are a lot of pictures and text is not a crime in Shanghai dragon. Always in the <   alt  > tag provides a description of information but not something with keywords or not a meaningful image.

website: 贵族宝贝tooopen贵族宝贝/


7, a Flash home page: fortunately this epidemic disease seems to have come to an end. There is a Flash page (sometimes part of the entire site), there is no HTML version, is a Shanghai dragon Dutch act.

6 flash: Spiders don’t grab the content of Flash movies, so if you use Flash on your site, don’t forget to give it another text description.

To solve the problem of reference pictures

, 5 frame: frame very much, is not conducive to search engine optimization. Avoid using them, unless really necessary.

: 3, podcasts and video podcasts and videos are becoming more and more popular but text goods, search engine can’t read them, so if you don’t have the tapescript podcast or video, like a podcast or movie is not exist, because it does not appear in the search engine’s index.

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