So the search between the unique positioning of survival


search also provides Web information search and so on, but with the love of Shanghai, 360, Sogou search and search the community elders than, the new members are also quite immature. Not only is not included, storage, does not support some instructions and the most important is that the flavor of social search.

in December 17th, Zhou Hongyi is everywhere for his original "too hard" and full confession on the occasion, followed by the December 18th search engine came a new member of this search. But this is not what is good in search and so on.

and so on search

micro-blog, the social two are now the mobile Internet era of the most popular applications, so it is not difficult to find, so on-line search is directed to the mobile Internet and social networking. Today, the market is not mature, after all, like Shanghai the search giant is targeting the mobile client, truly mobile and social networking and search together are perhaps the only such a search.

it is understood that this search is made before the baby Chinese technical team of the aristocratic social search. And so an on-line search, it has been widespread concern in the industry. Of course, not only because this search was born, people are more concerned about the future development of such search and change will cause a new round of search engine industry.

In addition to search web pages, pictures and so on searchAlthough


social flavor and so on

there are two sectors are real-time and community, real time is actually Sina, Tencent, NetEase, Sohu four micro-blog instant messaging platform. And so search community social taste is more obvious.

The unique location of

so, if this search only put itself on the search engine, it will die very miserable. But now, these search bigwigs seemingly also tried to compete for the mobile Internet entrance. In addition, outside of search, mobile search and so on the entrance, also a spell is social, after all, this is now the most popular.

is a new member of the search and search field, if you really want to take it with love in Shanghai, 360 of these search giant than the search, the truth was not what features. But if you want to take it with love, Shanghai, 360, than the social, probably is really a little taste. This search is very clear in his strength, even Zhou Hongyi such a strong man, only love Shanghai robbed a little market share, have now also been ". So if the search directly rushed in, not love Shanghai, 360 put it to death.

so, so simply search to a big fusion, will become a social search engine do best, social search do best in the field of mobile search, social do most >

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