Study on the jump URL code of love Shanghai search results

search scene?What is the

test environment preparation: 1, this machine; 2, other 3, LAN computer network; the same DNS; 4, DNS

about the overlapping part of the code what role? How long part of the code overlap? What is the part of the code in each case coincidence? Change the length of the code is also changing and so on?…… Shanghai Dragon Technology I hope to have a limited capacity and energy, technology enthusiasts can study ha ~

4, in the network environment under different DNS arbitrary word search, record jump URL;

1, a computer with arbitrary keyword search jump URL is different, but at the end of a string of code is the same;

test results:

2, a computer with the same keywords in the search after the jump of the URL stack, at the end of a string of code is the same;


Jump address In 2,

3, LAN arbitrary word search jump URL is different, but the end still has the same code;

loves Shanghai and 360 between the search wars is mysterious and wonderful, today Shanghai dragon blog and found a new action: love love Shanghai Shanghai is a jump URL for search results, web site real address is set a link to the original address jump. Stroll to the BSG forum to see Robin also questions, what a coincidence!

1, on your computer for any word search, record jump URL;

then there Shanghai dragon blog also cited two questions:


network (same DNS) arbitrary word search jump URL also has a string of the same code;

in the network (same DNS) computer arbitrary word search, record jump URL;

5, different DNS search jump URL is different, but there are still a bunch of the same code;

In 3,

in the LAN computer of any other word search, record jump UTL;

network Any word network

2, Shanghai love to do the Shanghai dragon? Need to do how to adjust the

note: because the code is long, bad eyes do not look for differences, ha ha. The code is the same from the end of the beginning, in a computer on the URL for testing the same code of coincidence degree is the longest, different code will change in the last part, common part is with the same computer that string start to a most common code and then finally after a small cut is change the.



1, each page is only? Will not change because of changes in the

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