The attention on the value of marketing in the end

marketing effect is to make your own information in the search engine, no matter what the search keywords, will appear to you, this is the effect of marketing to achieve. Often the webmaster a original text is put out, the most soft delivery platform, then you don’t want to get throught a thing carelessly, this article has a lot of time to spend the original transmission more, to information throughout the search engine, no matter what platform, the webmaster want to consider publishing, soft platform Forum, portal, Post Bar, independent blog, the third party blog, ask.

articles are not well integrated into their own information, just as at the end of the article with links to you, is the meaning of a chain, now the webmaster between acquisition is many, a good article may indeed be reprinted many times, but you can say many times have their own information, how many times reprinted, if only the end of the article add links, links to the estimate had been so to the Not the least trace was found., can achieve the effect of soft marketing, owners must be of high quality original, original own product information, their information in the article plus, let people can not get rid of the information, this is the highest realm of soft, advertising and non advertising realm. If it is difficult to you high quality soft, and that as long as you in the article with your keywords is also very good, all the way to connect to the meaning of the article and their products, so that the effect of soft marketing will be some.

the development of the Internet era, the product is also a lot of, network marketing has gradually replaced the traditional sales methods, website sales is also very many, the method of different effects are also different, for webmasters, marketing may dominate, everyone is looking at marketing look, this is the focus of attention on the value of marketing in the end.

article or soft

marketing can indeed bring the product brand publicity, a good article will be reprinted many times, the information transmission is very fast, but now this reprint popular Internet environment, marketing information really is complete. The webmaster in writing, basically is at the end of the article add links to your site, this is often seen in the A5, the webmaster feel completely misinterpreted the meaning of the soft, soft is soft advertising, but it is still advertising, you also want it to have advertising value so, the article did not mention their own products, this article is soft, but it also does not have the effect of soft marketing, the original thing is difficult for webmasters now, the article did not own information is a normal phenomenon, this kind of webmaster, just a brief article, not soft, do not have more marketing value.

soft into product information

soft needs of a wide range of release

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