Novice site optimization really we should do those things

analysis of second, two principles of keyword selection. In the face of keywords and their related a grasp of a lot, this time we have to choose, here I tell you the two basic principles of keyword screening, the first is the principle of Tian Ji’s horse racing, horse racing Tian Ji tells us how to exchange for the big victory at the expense of the minimum price, we know that the new line is the lack of weight. But this time we want to avoid the edge, in the less competitive keywords, keyword selection competition is relatively low to avoid many of the old station edge; secondly, we need to pay attention to second points is empathy, empathy is to stand in the user’s point of view, think that the user wants to solve a problem to love Shanghai what search words, how can we reasonably set and mining these words, auxiliary keywords through the column page optimization, the long tail The word through the content page optimization strategy, as we all know, we need effective mining of these valuable words, empathy is a very effective way.

third, the use of "label and effective layout. To understand the importance of website structure and keywords, then we will through setting up reasonable page label, let search engines know keywords we focus on what are and how effective the page layout, we need to understand the code such as H1, Strong and other label usage, we know the title of the article in the website.

as everyone knows, the novice website optimization problem is the most vulnerable to others, because he does not have any optimization experience, so many times we are through the exchange forums such as the Shanghai dragon why, A5 forum and other methods for learning and exchange, so in the face of many claims himself sometimes feel at a loss, such as the most there is a common mistake many novice website, want to get good rankings must rely on a large number of high quality chain can be quick, we must understand the chain rankings is just a factor, in other words for the new station, where to go to get a large number of high quality chain? Every day outside the chain and to make yourself mentally and physically exhausted is The loss outweighs the gain. the author, and everyone in detail, we should establish the optimization ideas of how to properly.

first, not all rankings are on the chain. The present site optimization algorithm, love Shanghai continuous improvement for the user experience we even a new station, obvious to people, we work hard to do website user experience, and with high quality content, the weight of the early new website can soon be accumulated, we must understand that the chain is one of the factors the rankings accounted for and we do not think so high, through the reasonable website at the beginning of the architecture construction, reasonable layout, high quality articles, to help users solve the website is difficult to solve the problem in other websites, to our website xianbatouchou win over a large number of users is the new station should do things. The basic work well, think of the chain, these seemingly small details is actually true about late site weight weight.

In the process of

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