n the machinery industry optimization for a year feeling on Optimization of machinery industry

two, machinery industry, the problem of its own web site

, a Shanghai love of the machinery industry "attitude"

Tucao love Shanghai, to look for their own problems in this industry, contact the industry may know, every company is a large number of bidding optimization Commissioner, in order to seize the natural ranking, number of sites tens of hundreds of which led to the homogenization of content, because the functional specifications, products are the big difference is not bad, not what can be the original, technical articles are all chewed again and again, don’t say what books can be swept, swept should sweep light, we began to fight outside the chain, according to the author, listen to "wild tales", the Commissioner of the chain there are 50 people above. With the weakening of love Shanghai foreign chain, to be so blind to the hair, will not play a role in promoting the risk ranking will have a great right down, the operation of a station is outside the chain of a subject will fall down, not to send the chain or not to update the content, ranking will be getting better and better. But if you operate the station at the hands of their own tube for a long time, know the station, including the content and the chain, also can safely do, I observed a >

14 years of the November entry of a mining equipment company, in November 15 turnover, because I was doing before the optimization of the agricultural industry, this year’s machinery industry optimization work very deep feeling, then talk about this year’s sentiment, for new entrants buddies some reference. Also recommended to do optimization buddies as much as possible for the industry to do so, to optimize the technology better, perhaps you in this industry have been used rotten "means" a change in the industry is very effective. Love Shanghai and different strategies for different industries.

because I have only done this two industries, other industries are friends and perceived to love Shanghai towards different industries "attitude", now feel the love of Shanghai for those industries more gold card is more and more strict, also from the huge profits in share a cup of soup. So the adjustment of the industry search results more and more frequently, resulting in some natural ranking company is an example of medical said of an aged person!, from 5 June, Shanghai love of the machinery industry website right down large-scale K station, caught from my company website to see the website 70%, some websites are rather baffling was killed, and then come up some kind of B2B platform. After October Shanghai love search results basically adjust the morning and afternoon results are very different in the morning, afternoon home is likely in the hundreds, may have a lot of buddy noticed why this time Webmaster Tools query results have a great deviation? Because my hands are doing in other industries the station, to observe a period of time that some industry adjust search results is not so frequent. May this is intended to love Shanghai.



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