On page factors perfect

2, the structure and layout of the website

sites are composed of various small page combination, the amount of data required for complex and large, server capacity is very high, therefore must be carefully considered in the selection of the host service provider, can refer to tools and ask friends that the effect. At the same time it can improve the speed of web browsing website CDN accelerator, in addition, the picture can also use tools (recommended Firefox plugin: page-speed) compression, even using web GZIP compression function.

4, three

label planning

1, page loading speed

page layout is very important, it is the whole framework of the website can not be ignored. The most important is the front page column structure and hierarchical structure, anterior column structure that is the first time to show to the user image, allowing users to generate the first sense is very important. While the web hierarchy is convenient website owners reasonable management and the use of search engine spiders crawling, because there are millions of links and pages on the Internet, simple and clear hierarchy is very important.


for the newly built website, the most effective way to get traffic is the most widely used search engines to search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) is very important in the process of optimization, the title, keywords, description three label is planning a long time need careful consideration. The three label is not only to make the search engine to know ", in which title and description are directly displayed in the search engine results page, a good title tag and description tag directly affects the user click behavior, thereby affecting the overall site traffic, for the three label to show the significance of rational planning without a doubt.

The cleanliness of


codes is one of the important methods to improve the quality of web pages, web page is the smallest unit of code, remove redundant code is particularly important, at the same time in order to improve the page loading speed and rendering, the optimization of JS code, CSS code and with the domain name, so that it can achieve the desired effect. Optimization on code is complex, as the rational use of love Shanghai webmaster tools.

network marketing is to rely on the site of integrated marketing model, which consists of many pages for each site contact. Perfect page for the user experience effect is very good, the page is good or bad directly to the image how much traffic to the site, to establish the company’s brand. What are the factors that depend on the perfect page? This is as a network marketing personnel have to consider the issue, which is related to the site after the establishment of the interest value.

3, codeThe optimization of



perfect on page factors:

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