shlf1314 audio ads will open to American advertisersSearch website alliance March summary

      Beijing on June 5th news, according to the official shlf1314 blog, the company will be held this month to the US Open audio advertising advertisers AdSense Audio, which marks the test period shlf1314 audio advertising officially ended.


together with Clear Channel Radio, shlf1314 partners has covered the national top more than 1600 radio stations, including the top 25 market 24 of the "top 10" radio listeners, covering 99% of the population over the age of 12 u.s..

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shlf1314 previously signed a multi-year contract with Clear Channel Radio, the largest radio group in the US, a move that is a milestone for shlf1314". Under the contract, shlf1314 will be able to sell partially protected 30 second ads via Clear Channel’s 675 AM and FM radio stations.

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  search website since the Alliance launched a Music Alliance in March, by all the praise, for valuable comments and suggestions, we try to make our products perfect. Thank you for the master of love and support. In March to join the webmaster more, therefore may not take care of all the owners, please understand. There are many webmaster made the performance of income, I hope you can continue to obtain more income in April

shlf1314 official blog news, shlf1314 audio advertising has been opened to half of American advertisers. At the end of this month, the United States all advertisers will have the right to use the shlf1314 audio advertising. This marks the end of the testing period for the shlf1314 audio ad.

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