To speed up the six secret website included

passive to the major search engines to search through the domain name to their own websites (such as search engines themselves through their own web site), with every time you search, search engines will send the number of spiders follow you together into the site, and search.

said 301 friends are not unfamiliar, but I am here to say 301 refers to before enabling website, can be the first domain to a website PR value is greater than or equal to 3 of the website for a period of time, generally recommended in ten to fifteen days or so more appropriate. Then the domain name to site, included general will complete in two to three days……

Most of

we recommend web site after online should the content rich, at least the first page to fill the content, early as possible have put some original or false original article, as long as the search engine has not seen the content can be, in order to guide the search engine, giving it a subconscious this site is a high quality website, so I can go to the major search engines to submit your site.

this method is a very ancient thing, many home friends are not included in the use of this method, through a large number of Web sites into the favorites, can play a very good drive included, the subscription is the same, the more the more subscriptions can drive the search engine.

this is a relatively crucial thing, what search engine has the meaning of brand usually is love, so the name of a new in order to be different for their websites is also very necessary, the more out of the ordinary name, the search engine can cause interest, which included your site.


often search your site

two, 301

, a domain name

maybe a lot of friends to see the domain name I sniff at I talked about in here, but I still want to say to your website domain name also played a subtle role. This is because the search engine has been strong, powerful to fully know the domain name you what time to buy, but also to what domain name expires. It is because of this reason, so here that best buy domain one-time purchase of more than three years, in order to increase the trust of the search engine on your website, preliminary think you will be a permanent site, rather than a garbage station.

three, the website construction

and I like the grassroots webmaster has been had a problem, that is why love Shanghai has refused to collect their own website home page, this is a very painful thing, so here I will introduce a few tips accelerate the website included, hope to be able to be help.

four, the name of the web site


collection, subscribe to

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