The news website webmaster Shanghai Longfeng suggestions


. Given the news search engine to different regions of the rankings are not the same. Simply speaking, news reports on Chengdu event, then Chengdu news website has a higher ranking advantage. The Shanghai dragon, you should grasp the principle of more local news update. Do not know Shanghai dragon and webmasters note to the Xinhua news agency, NetEase, Sina News reported no news, begin to enumerate time, organization, location and so on, for example, Xinhua news agency, Beijing, March 20. It is easy to aging and regional search engine news content. Get the advantage in the timeliness and regional news, ranking has more advantages.

news website can enter the search engine news search is most important to be included in the search engine news source. Although zhongxiaozhan is more difficult, but to do long-term regular news station, to make the brand, can have such a goal. You can also submit a site to the search engine news source page, specific address search will know.

Google search

then is the website weight. About ranking, nature cannot do without weight.

can see into the sources of news websites are well-known, there are people for having heard it many times a major news site, there are local well-known websites and so on. The Shanghai dragon, what these things mean?

The second is the regional news The

is the first original. The original can be applied to all types of websites are original and made a good start. For the news website, it is a hot news, you reprint the time early, but the value is still not as good as the original reprint, Shanghai dragon as well as the original, this search engine will determine. Shanghai dragon should pay attention to update expression form, and then to the fastest form this news release.

news website is included in the search engine search source, is of great significance to Shanghai dragon all pages of the whole site! Whether it is ordinary page ranking ability or included efficiency is a major upgrade. So it is necessary to pay attention to the Shanghai dragon, to become a good news website, to understand the search engine rankings were collected and treat news mechanism, this is a little different.

I contacted several news websites in Shanghai dragon, is of course on the Internet, and finally did not see them persist, because the news website is not easy to come out, a large portal will seize the good rankings, almost all so, website promotion work has become very difficult. However, if you are interested in the news website, you can start from the specific field of news, here I give their Shanghai Longfeng suggestions, hope to have some help for you to expand thinking. General news websites began is difficult to search engine into the sources of news. We love Shanghai in the forum or Google search news will often see such integrated search results, such as the recent hot news, search for nuclear radiation:

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