The TAG tag benefits your website using

(two) of the website optimization work benefits.

TAG label right? Small series with a more popular words in fact TAG tag is a fast and convenient way of classification, take the love of music in Shanghai, we look at the classification label.

optimization techniques in the vast majority of the stationmaster is the most common form of anchor text outside the chain, but to really use the TAG Tag Optimization or less and less, we all know that with the search engine upgrade algorithm, its final purpose is to let our website user experience based development TAG, and labels for the absolute majority of website undoubtedly is very good to show a function of user experience, and after a small series for their site test and analysis of some of the site found that the search engine is very friendly to the TAG label, can increase the good features of our site, and when you reach the website weight a certain amount of time, your TAG tag is in fact the website page.

from the top of the main classification chart we can clearly see the love of music in Shanghai, and this classification is extracted by some keywords in the site, that is to say when we update some articles to these articles and some tags, so for our site optimization or user experience or both is a great help. The following Xiaobian take you a specific analysis:

Now the Internet

Some of the rubbish site we are common in the Internet First of all we need to know what is the

(a) of the user experience the benefits of working.

, the content is usually crowded, probably these owners believe that the only way we can be very good to show their own content, allowing users to feel content rich enough, will love this, but that is not what we want to do. When a web content rich enough, it needs to do better classification work site, but this time our website navigation classification is very limited, can not very well make a list of all site classification. But this time using the TAG tag in the form of these articles classification is very important, and we need to classify TAG pages placed in a conspicuous place, as I stood the TAG page placed on the front page head, and navigation allows users to first racing together bridle to bridle, so we can find very fast, the only way to better reduce the loss of the user, so as to let users with the most simple and fast way to find the value of his content.

present everywhere some large sites have been skilled in the use of a TAG label, Xiao Bian today here to discuss this topic with you is because many small sites often easy to overlook the role and benefits of the TAG label, even don’t know how TAG tags can bring benefits to the site, so small today the series to share with you.

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