Website how the mobile web content

· with the noble baby network management tools list links all external links to your site, make sure all the page received links are included.

· URL extraction from web server log list.

website, the first step is to identify the website redesign content to move to where, what to delete the entire. So you can know what URL to turn to what position.

When the

: rejection reasons the readability is not high to    

· the use of free crawling tools, such as Xenu or GSiteCrawler.

Table 1: advance planning content of mobile

    complete map you must start to do all URL. For many sites, as it may sound so simple. Fortunately, there are tools to make this work easier. Here are some solutions to this problem:

· extraction list from the XML site map file.

    these tools should help you make a good list contains all the URL. Put in the data table is a method, as shown in table 1.

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