Web site optimization process outside the station optimization how to achieve the rationalization of

as everyone knows, the site optimization process in detail is very important especially we must firmly carry a good grasp of the details for the optimization of website content, the internal structure of the station optimization and the chain of the site, as a webmaster we must be very clear that every detail of the station outside the station optimization, and we analyze below the author the website optimization is introduced in detail on the process of the details of the optimization.

second, the details of the optimization of Web site on the page and file settings. First of all, the site map settings, general open source program will automatically generate the sitemap site map, and some dynamic programs such as their development of the website system, we must find ways to their website to establish appropriate site map, in order to save everyone can love Shanghai online XML map, the line can be improved in the website, the use of software production site map for the site, then 404 and 301 error page 404 page redirection settings, is the site of default guide page when a problem we provide to users and search engines, this page can set some friendly messages, and gives the user page address, let it continue to visit other pages, not many get the user code finally leave our site at a loss. Finally, the rational use of nofollow tags. The nofollow tag is one of the very important label weight, we know the line on the website such as contact us about us, we only need a single page users see on the line, no need to let the search engine to calculate the weight for these pages, this time you can use the nofollow tag of the shield, let the spider know this page does not need spider quick access, access to other pages! Which can greatly enhance the efficiency for the effective page to grab a spider.

third, the reasonable distribution of the web site keywords. The line on the website, reasonable layout of the site keywords distribution we mainly includes three big labels, then we need to classify good for keywords, such as popular keywords, keywords and related sites until the long tail word. For different keywords we in the optimization of the time to go through the different page deployment and optimization, such as home page weight is the highest, this.

first, optimize the structure of web site. Including, do the website structure flat, says bluntly generally is a column generation parallel link level as short as possible, the weight of each other between columns is equal, this structure is very conducive to the spider was very good grab for the directory contents, but also very conducive to the website optimization. Secondly, the best use of bread crumbs navigation methods, such as A5? Search? News list. This type of navigation is typical of the breadcrumb navigation, users see after very clear, clear in site specific for what is the location for spiders? Is this very clear address to find as the structure of the optimization, the details, these two steps are the key.

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