Do ten points love Shanghai for advertising

user location keywords positioning strategySelect the location of

(a) the bidding model of strategy:

brand investment is too large, in order to promote the brand for the purpose (not suitable for the current stage)

(five): the only choice model for keywords precise matching advertising model.


location: Jilin province

hot words can choose: Children’s education, preschool education, preschool education. Most 4-5 words

Keywords: small investment mode

(two) bidding Objective:

. Reasonable control, quick return. Is currently suitable for mode

(seven): according to the local time zone used to distinguish the rest system, Saturday, Sunday, Limited good opening time

do Shanghai dragon or paid advertising, to the enterprise, profit is the first one. In order to promote the domestic small and medium enterprises, very many enterprises do love Shanghai auction, here I need not explain too much difference between Shanghai and Phoenix advertising. From the point of view, if we can correctly understand the bidding advertising, resources and advantages of reasonable use of bidding, a considerable part of the enterprise, is indeed can quickly open network marketing situation. I started bidding from 2002, has been for the enterprise to do network marketing planning work. A case from the operation, a summary of the description in 10 can not ignore the details of the auction advertisement. I hope this article can bring help to the novice.

key to the long tail, according to the characteristics of parent combinations 50-200 long tail words. This part requires accurate



analysis of


love Shanghai

is the main purpose of the expansion of enrollment bidding. Objective: to promote the brand, provide auxiliary to join the exhibition.

I center for early childhood education, potential development, cultivate children’s habits as the main research direction, set 3-7 65% of the parents of students in our center user trainees, bidding user positioning all focused on the advantages of resources ratio, locate the user: 3-7 year old parents.

(eight) budget >

keyword advertising auction decides whether it can do successfully. The core factors.

here is a bidding advertising strategy training center, a brief description, the education and training is the training of brain development training. A child under the age of 12, the development of education and training of intelligence based organizations. In the education industry as the background, combined with our training center at the allocation of resources, make the following plans and strategies:

(six) location:

selection of hot words and long tail word is composed of 2 parts.

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