Camini on the five major factors that affect the keywords ranking

: "the first factor correlation. Only when the search engine and that the page is retrieved when the most relevant words, will have a better ranking. We take the Shanghai dragon as an example, the top is Shanghai dragon correlation website, search results in Shanghai ranked first in the love of Shanghai encyclopedia, Google encyclopedia in Shanghai also ranked second. This page describes in detail the related information of Shanghai dragon, and the dragon is the highest correlation of Shanghai. So, if we want to get good keywords ranking, how to improve the correlation is the priority among priorities.

we need to clear a concept, that is the keywords ranking is based on Web pages, rather than the web site, so we say that the factors that affect the keyword ranking is to "as a unit. We as an example to analyze the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, love Shanghai because of the keyword encyclopedia ranking is very good, not only have good rankings in the love of Shanghai, it also has a good performance in Google and other search engines, so we can study love Shanghai Encyclopedia of some degree of understanding search engine ranking principle.

third factors: Web content. This is actually the extension of the correlation, but is still very necessary to separate out. We can find that the search time of Shanghai dragon, some stone interactive title is extremely simple, but also ranked in the twelfth well, why would make a mark.

open the mini concern recently has been some news of Shanghai dragon industry, through some articles like Shanghai news saw most of Shanghai dragon soft, substantive content is not much. Today saw a keyword ranking factors, the author think that is entirely in order to text and write, and do not provide effective content, according to open the mini long Shanghai dragon experience and observation of the search engine, today is to talk about the five major factors influencing keyword ranking.

second factors: "weight. In fact, the website weight is a very let a thing Shanghai Longfeng workers are scratching their heads, we all know the site the higher the weight, ranking the better, but I want to say here is "weight, rather than the site weight. So where is the weight of a web page from, and what relationship is always kept in Shanghai dragon circles of discussion and research topic. The weight of a web page is a comprehensive evaluation of the authority of the search engine according to the quality of web pages and the page link analysis and give the evaluation. We are still in Shanghai dragon love Encyclopedia of Shanghai as an example to analyze, first of all, from the weight of the domain name, the search engine will give special weight of these large sites, weight is from the domain name, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love is obviously beneficiaries. Secondly, the content of this page is rich enough, the search engine will be given a certain weight value third, weight transfer links, our website weight inside pages, mainly from the home page and column page, and the weight of the website is very large and the relationship and links to external sites, so we want to improve the overall weight of the site, looking for a high correlation between the external links is not less than the work.

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