Children’s photography class flash website optimization promotion answer

1, if your site has the product or service center, the center of course? This kind of products and service is the content of the website, derived from the incidental products or services, in the optimization point of view is the main keywords and long tail keywords, actually on the site content is the same.

The development of the

u then the mother, so I want to ask a few questions, because I in the children’s photography flash website to preschool education website also do not know too much, but I’m from the perspective of network optimization, as well as the promotion of the angle can be inferred, the profit mode of the website, and web content, and users experience is not very good, even a lot of defects, here I have some questions to ask in the u mother network operations staff.

2, you have a network of outside promotion? Such as television, plane and other media advertising, it is very important for the promotion of a website, this website can bring direct traffic, users will directly enter the URL of the landing site, and the conversion rate is very high.

today to think a lot about a children’s photography website flash preschool education website operation problem, which the industry of preschool education in domestic rise is relatively late, the dynamic flash site abroad very early, of course, the domestic and social development have a certain relationship, since the reform and opening up, people’s life to improve the level of people, pay more attention to the quality of life, nature is considered in more detail, as for the pursuit of health, for the requirements of environmental protection is more and more of our attention, let the children become family planning in the family is really rare baby, some families have only a maximum of two children, then for children’s growth is to allow each of the parents who pay a huge cost in this limited education, from the early years to today’s young fetal education education is The development of faster, so what is the Chinese flash site of preschool education? Children’s education refers to the 3 to 6 year old age children education implementation. Preschool education will lay the foundation for the future of the more advanced education, preschool education so good for everyone is very important.

3, you have your own telephone marketing team? Telephone marketing is one of the ten major marketing mode in the new century so that in the flash website template.

social demand coupled with the network, the network of children photography flash website preschool education website is more and more, only the word BD included preschool education content of more than twenty million, including the promotion of the website home page to more than ten, the independent website domain name is beyond count, visible such sites of intense competition that relates to the industry, all with a heart of compassion for children, because they are full of love, but in the Internet today if you don’t go to promote your website, no one will know that you are a responsible, so in the early childhood education organization has love, also won’t have people buy your account.

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