Analysis of the optimized new sites in Google ranking no reason

as long as the website does not change you can rest assured that the site domain name, if the home page is the first, the content included did not decrease, you can rest assured that a long time ranking will come, this process as much as possible to write the original and the chain of high quality.

two, the website caused fall right

if you stand reprinted, no original content, do not have their own unique pages, although Google also included, but the impression that Google is not good. If it is so, even more so, Google will make your website is rubbish station, natural no weight, there is no ranking, so the railway station to do some original, some other stations do not have content, Google won the favor and give you a good ranking.

Google optimization new one, we all know that Google is the fastest, as long as the new Google submitted the same day or next day can be included, but also can be included, and included the home page, also included in the page, the speed of the other search engines this is incomparable.

1, reprint caused by excessive

submitted soon included Google, Google will generally give it a good ranking, usually in the second or third pages, the first page is generally not, unless there is no competition. But it is generally not a long time, a week or half a month when the next Google big update, the ranking is not, this is what reason, today I will mainly analyze the reason of the following conditions.

Title keyword, description keywords accumulation content keyword accumulation are likely to cause Google drop right processing, excessive optimization Google does not love, the appropriate optimization of Google is recognized, and >

, a new

into the observation period After the new

Google was included in the new time, in order to take care of the new station, a new station to display exposure opportunity, so give a very good rankings, but also to the railway station support. But soon the ranking is not, even the first ten pages can’t find your site, you may think that the site is down right, in fact, this is the true reality, according to the pre exposure Google performance began to review your station, regardless of which search engine will examine the audit of a website, Google is no exception, according to the traffic, the popularity of the user, start to examine your station, after giving a what kind of ranking. The audit time is not certain, some time some time a week, a month, or a little longer. If the words more competitive will be, and will be a little shorter.

2, optimization keywords accumulation over

railway station is relatively weak, the anti-interference ability is very poor, if you optimize excessive, or contrary to the rules of the Google, will be down the right, but you can rest assured that as long as you change, Google will give you a chance, give you a good ranking. The cause of Google drop right is mainly as follows.

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