Founder of 30 year old upstart gift said founder Wen Chenghui realistic idealistsPurple venture Zhen

in the game industry, we invested in a series of companies, and for the moment, basically no failure, I basically do not play games. In the film and television to catch up with the drama, set up a very large fund, give priority to invest in drama alumni.

"Beijing jacket why so expensive? Three thousand or four thousand dollars a piece, what to whom?" interview with Wencheng Fai at a time when Beijing is cold, cold to Wencheng Fai grew up in the South was quite adapted, and expensive price down jacket, more let him not adapt to. "We kind of stall people, do not dare to spend money." Lukewarm self mockery.

"off to tell you that I’m not just for fun, I’m not impulsive, I determined. This is my career."


, his judgment based on live fire up three prerequisites: first, everyone’s understanding of the video industry was subverted, two is the progress of technology, and three is the popularity of mobile payments.

hair, black rimmed glasses, not swearing, not surprisingly, an ordinary boy Wen Chenghui seems to be in college. But looking through his resume, he will find himself thoroughly rebellious.

lead: Wen Wei believes that he is a literary man, do is small fresh things; have lofty ideals, but also thinking about the reality of the moment.

he submitted his application for suspension. "Of course, the resistance is great.". First of all, the policy is not allowed; secondly, parents and teachers, they think you are going astray, and the students think you are a bad child."

21 years old, 4 pioneering. August this year, courtesy >

in the VR field, I’ve made a series of investments. Every investor here has 3-10 VR projects, and even if the threshold is probably not very high, the content on the market can be a problem. So when we invest in this project, we look at the content and the market first


, this is a gift," said the founder of the dialogue. He founded the campus independent magazine in high school, opened the first company in the freshman year, made Q postcards on campus, and then dropped out of school. Its "gift said" to the creative young people to provide an ingenious gift giving "Raiders", its UI design is used after 90 favorite small fresh style, young girls are the main users of the gift said.

this is not, in the dialogue link, Xiao Bian found that purple Fai venture Zheng Gang share some of the views, or quite suitable for us entrepreneurs and investors to think carefully about it.


Zheng Gang said in a dialogue, live broadcast will change all sectors. In the era of live broadcast, many people with talent and ability can find a large number of fans instantly. This film and television, for the cinema, the discovery of new ways and ways of training, there is a huge opportunity.

yesterday, the China cultural and entertainment industry Investment Summit, organized by the Qing Dynasty Group and the investment community, was held in Beijing. Scene, investors gathered. Xiao Bian in line with the public to bring the most fresh fresh, the most practical dry principles, in addition to the rapid typing, but also constantly brush face to know people, after all, too much investment in the field, it is not easy to recognize.


was a freshman, he took out all his living expenses and made postcards. As a result, he lost all his money and had to go to the stall. When he returned to his dorm in the evening, he saw the film at random, a description of Zuckerberg’s social network. "After reading, I was so excited that I wanted to meet him."." Entrepreneurial enthusiasm, change the world in the movie, Wencheng Fai heart sowed the seeds. Zuckerberg is so Wencheng Fai determined to go his own way. "Everyone is different. I don’t have to go the same way as other people."."

first, let’s talk about who Zheng Gang is,


below for Zheng Gang to share the record:

wants to be China’s Zuckerberg

Wen Chenghui thinks he is a literary man, doing small and refreshing things; having lofty ideals, but also thinking about the reality of the moment.

I’m the founder and managing partner of purple Fai ventures.

"I’ve wasted too much time on exam oriented education. I want to concentrate on what I like."." His favorite thing is to become Zuckerberg of china.

| Ren Wenhe

we know very well that the cultural and entertainment industry is a great opportunity. In fact, after the financial crisis, we think China the biggest opportunity from the mobile Internet plus this one, including investment and entertainment and pan culture this piece and the future market space, because we saw Chinese per capita income of $8000, or $ten thousand or more, there should be about 15 thousand dollars in revenue Shanghai, Beijing, on average, will lead to very new cultural entertainment, leisure and other forms.

recent fire reflects the guest know, unfamiliar street always heard of it. He was the man behind the famous events such as "live broadcast", "unfamiliar street", "galaxy", "entertainment" and so on. Its founder of the purple venture in the live, film and television, games, VR and many other hot areas have layout.

in the mobile internet field, we have cast unfamiliar streets, as well as live broadcast. In the gaming industry for the Milky Way entertainment, this is a large animation film, as one of the company, I was half a founder, basically reached 1 billion scale, we basically back a lot of them, because it will give the team a better incentive mechanism.

"why do you have to drop out of school? Can’t wait to graduate?" Wen Chenghui faced countless times like that.

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