Shanghai love began to support the Canonical how to use the Canonical tag tag

Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon

note: here is the use of < link; rel=" canonical" href=" > a " address; this tag should be added to the "< head> < /head> tag, nofollow tags nofollow and often mentioned before are usually used in < a href=" rel=" nofollow" a " address; this is in marked; > on one link, and canonical is the needle for the entire page label, please pay attention to the distinction between different.

what kind of situation to use the Canonical

Method of use:

Canonical: a major role in the list, and the column page, because the program because each paging title is the same, but URL is different, will be the search engine that is repeated, a link can be specified by the authority labels, avoid duplication.


        < title> how to analyze the web log? Shanghai dragon combat tutorial – New85_ Shanghai dragon _ Shanghai dragon _ website optimization free diagnosis _SEM network marketing _ Tianjin enterprise training consultant < /title>

Canonical label is a standardized label Google, YAHOO, Microsoft proposed in 2009. Love Shanghai also announced on January 8th, clear the Canonical tag in the group support, many people still do not understand the love of Shanghai official explanation, we will take this opportunity to look at how to use Canonical tags.


due to the length of the problem using the content page, page address: 贵族宝贝new85贵族宝贝/ peixun/ jinjie/> Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon


< link rel= "canonical" href= "/>

list, column, the title page, but they are the same, we see an example:

" link "authority;

Canonical tags and how to use

such as our website in an article "Shanghai dragon how to analyze the web log" page, the address: 贵族宝贝new85贵族宝贝/ peixun/ jinjie/47.html

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