Research papers add personalized recommendation links


three, the article add links to recommended

two, the article add links to

index is usually added to the forefront of the link, will be the main contents of the article list set index, click to jump to the corresponding paragraph of the article. The index links to the most representative applications is the love of the Shanghai encyclopedia.



Borner marketing team in Shanghai Longfeng project operation business website, found more and more electricity supplier website began to use personalized recommendation column. Personalized recommendation is through massive data analysis, recommended that he might be interested in the information or goods for users of smart, the recommended user experience is very good, but the application of personalized recommendation is also limited to the site columns channels and other higher level page. Our marketing team believes that the personalized recommendation in website design ideas should be more thorough, in-depth to the site every piece of information, every piece of product introduction, so it can encourage users to maximize consumer website to provide information or goods. For the website every piece of information, every piece of products add personalized content recommendation, it sounds very complicated, if can in the early for the website editors do the training, in order to achieve this goal does not need to spend a great price.

sets the index linked benefits obviously. From the perspective of the user experience, users no longer need to read the full article to find what he needs, and only need to browse the index on it. From the perspective of Shanghai dragon, editors can be conscious of the need to optimize the word into the index, at the forefront of one-time displays the keywords, the article would have been in the position after the keyword search engines also have the opportunity to get ranked. Especially when the long, users need to scroll to read the full article, Borner suggested editorial staff for the marketing team set up index link.

is the recommended links for accurate recommendation theme of all parts of this paper based on the needs of editors in the individual settings under the premise of intensive reading. Recommended links also take into account the user experience and the effect of Shanghai dragon. >

Borner marketing team that add personalized content recommendation for the website information, product introduction, this is to add personalized recommendation links in the text, the user when reading the text, for users to quickly recommend he might be interested in the information or goods. Borner team statistics of three types of links, respectively, and the label index link link link. The following three links form specific instructions.

, a personalized recommendation three link form

recommended links by setting in each paragraph at the end or the end of the paper, usually labeled as "read" "editorial recommendation" etc.. Widely used in the recommended links in the portal site.

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