The growth of grassroots milepost Technology

this milepost has become a little tricky, need to get those crazy social media users. The implementation of audit of all current destination of our social media marketing team to work together to ensure that they contain relevant keywords, profile links and business name, address and telephone number. Next, look for new opportunities for social media, such as social niche destination, popular social network, how the most important thing is they think your idea is very special.

outside the station optimization settings at the top of the idea to give business and industry, and add them to an advanced search engine optimization to-do list in the project management system for you, you will want to provide a 1-3 link in your creative ideas on the construction of technical marketing team.

– 3 milepost station search engine optimization (task 3 months)

The 2 – page

with the Shanghai dragon project management you deeply, your template will continue to grow for a number of e-commerce sites will have some special to-do list: data optimization, location based on the landing page, and some other things you might use to content.

Milepost 5 –

each has its own rich resources, in my case, I am a spreadsheet nearly 400 link building opportunities, you will also have a list of basic links (construction industry and destination directory), moderate (EH connection construction of abduction, build links and a little technical submission). The link construction task is real initiative, as the ongoing marketing innovation project management system can track outside.

Milepost 4 –

social media optimization (January)

has tens of thousands of smart things you can do to optimize your site, you have a to-do list in your project management system, and a to-do list you want to optimize the content team based on keyword theme. The initial stage of the Shanghai dragon should not be more than 60 – 90 days.

video and mobile (2 months set)

through the "grassroots growth necessary milepost Shanghai Longfeng strategy" article, we know that in Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy, plan a month, in this month, the owners need to do is to optimize the entire project will do the preliminary data preparation, optimization plan in the process of operation and the final monitor the content in detail.

technically, you can put the video and mobile is two different milepost, but in this article, we will put them together. For the video, I suggest to have a quick chat or consulting occupation, ready to set some XML video site map and began to distribute video about sharing network. Ready to use video advertising (PPC), which may help the long-term.

milepost Shanghai Dragon (2 months)

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