The development of Shanghai dragon ten years throughout is a dead end

upgrade love Shanghai algorithm, many Shanghai dragon ER began Tucao, began to complain about the unfair search engine. However, empathy, love Shanghai after only one company, the company exists is profit, once the threat to the survival of the bidding mode.

industry will appear industry disorder, then Shanghai dragon black hat tactics are everywhere, some website optimization company even hit three hours home, three days into the top three advertising, this seriously affected the industry order, will inevitably lead to the development of the industry will not be long. The search engine also started from the previous pure technical rank, slowly in artificial ranking, Shanghai dragon ER’s commitment to customers began to fall step by step, the industry entered a period of recession.

industry disturbance – Search Engine stabilized

2012 is a magic number that is predicted by the end of the world, Shanghai is also the end of dragon ER. In the history of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon industry has experienced several ups and downs, when all Shanghai dragon ER expect domestic Shanghai dragon industry like foreign as stable when the foreign Shanghai dragon industry to collapse, to reveal the last fig leaf of this industry. The author simple explain Shanghai dragon industry started to rise again, flourishing to process completely lonely:

2002, love Shanghai began to get involved in the search engine, the search engine industry competition is fierce, Google, Sogou in the rapid development of China market. Shanghai dragon industry began to sprout, the Shanghai dragon ER is mainly through the translation of foreign words and some of Shanghai dragon, the domestic top-ranking sites, summed up the search engine algorithm, every kind of the Shanghai dragon industry vocabulary definition is born from this time, Shanghai dragon industry official at the advent of China.

2012, Google is the first to change the algorithm, the search engine ranking is adjusted to a certain extent, announced in Shanghai Longfeng industry abroad. Subsequently, Shanghai’s largest search engine love Chinese, algorithm of continuous upgrading, so that many Shanghai Longfeng practitioners to the end of the road, Shanghai dragon industry in a way where, what the

stable development – rapid development of search engines

decide on what path to follow?

re positioning – make comprehensive network marketing personnel

The development of

2005, the search engine has been popular, love Shanghai has become China’s largest search engine, Internet Co increasingly rely on search engines strong. The development of search engines, but also led to the birth of every kind of the Shanghai dragon training institutions, jumbly, algorithm is different, can see the website optimization and Shanghai dragon training everywhere advertising. At this time, we have reason to believe that the Shanghai dragon industry in the future is the main trend of the Internet industry.

decide on what path to follow

Shanghai – Shanghai ER the dead dragon dragon

– search engine industry started sprouting stage

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