Live in the chain for the emperor the times you wake up

think that year, Robin Li is still young, love Shanghai still young, learned Google back to do a search, it can be said that the beginning of love in Shanghai, the equivalent of a Google shadow. Google’s algorithm for love in Shanghai is profound, Google PR value evaluation algorithm for the weights of the website is also love Shanghai used here, which created the era of the chain for emperor. External links, links more weight better website, website ranking. This is what an age? This is a waste of flying times, garbage production in the era of network, repeated information spam advertising messages everywhere on the network era, this is a user experience gradually turned into a slag era, with the increase of the amount of information on the network and community the rise of the concept of sharing website, accepted by more and more people, the search engine trust was lower, while love Shanghai had repeatedly improved, but there are measures under the policy, the results still small. This time, to fall in love with the sea, Xiaodaxiaonao has not stop the chain, it is a revolution of

with vigour and vitality!

this year, Shanghai dragon industry and personal webmaster the most painful year, because a lot of jobs in the chain for the emperor generation website is down right down the right, K station, K station, many have no signs of recovery until now. This is to let a lot of Shanghai dragon Er likes a year, because of the improvement of algorithm and love Shanghai love Shanghai for the chain of attitude, more and more original content website and blog ranking is good for new sites in Shanghai rise, love attitude, especially the content of good new attitude is also very good. Although there are many times in the chain site survived, regardless of rank or the chain, are still good, but who can guarantee that love Shanghai not boiled frog in warm water, small batches of K station? In fact, in the view of how news in Shanghai really love to do this kind of thing, love Shanghai for medical station attitude, in addition to the first time cleaning and relatively large, standing behind K are slowly, but the medical websites related to a few friends and not to be affected during the purges, when they are quite surprised, but soon, have one after another there is a problem, or keyword is down right, or the entire station is K, large and small sites, the latest one, or a few days ago by K, in fact, they love Shanghai high quality content algorithm (August) after the update, it Start to notice your chain content quality, fall in love with the sea index volume is also good, has recently been K to mull over the love Shanghai special care industry, other reasons for the unexpected.

in fact, love Shanghai for the update of the chain algorithm, when the movement is not against the medical station so big, because the chain for the legacy of the age of the site too much, in fact, now on the web site, included several dozens of the chain Jiqianjiwanji one hundred thousand a few, some how people get to know, one day at least 600 chain (handmade with hyperlink anchor text or hyperlinks, not top stick machine), can be.

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