How to improve the website page number included

1. for some vertical, because the product structure is single, resulting in product SKU number is less, the overall page number is less, even included high proportion, can’t break the total number of pages of the ceiling, for the electricity supplier solutions:

most of the electricity supplier website due to site positioning or product structure characteristics, generally feel oneself website included the page number is low, of course, for e-commerce sites effectively included page number the better, each page is equivalent to one of the soldiers, the number of pages more, so to win the war the greater chance, how to improve the page number included yet, this requires specific conditions:

3. for structural disturbance of the site, although the search engine spiders can crawl now very complex "

B. added additional product page, such as: Gallery, comments, based on each product expansion, the number of pages in the geometric quantity rise, while the flow quality is relatively high, but to note that this is a double-edged sword, on the one hand, can promote the entire product ranking, on the other hand may lead to non the key to seize the key page page ranking.

The increase of B. ?

2. for the low weight of the website, we often encounter this situation, regardless of how to increase the content of a website, love Shanghai included the number that do not, even decline, this situation may be due to the low weight website, low weight in the search engine crawling at a low frequency, plus the content similarity is higher, the search engine index a new batch of data after control of the old data, found that the repeatability is relatively high, it will be considered that repeated data to delete, experiments show that the site the higher the weight, the proportion of repeat delete will be smaller, the solution is to improve the quality and quantity of the chain there is no simple method.

A. increase product aggregation page number, such as: the number of topics, list, labels or screening pages, these pages are basically for two mining product attributes, user demand, Wang Tong spoke about the "keywords blasting method actually belongs to product attribute mining, this method involves data analysis and program development work, the cycle is relatively long, but the flow of more accurate, the conversion rate is relatively high.

content management system pages, such as: CMS, Wikipedia, Q & A, BBS, BLOG and so on, these contents the purpose of existence is not directly attract buyers into the direct, but with all forms of content to attract users to enter, and then flow into the mall turnover. This method is probably the fastest way to effect, as long as the data slightly mining, and then to be extended, traffic will soon see, many electricity providers are using this method, but this method should be used with caution, although you get a good flow statement, but need to consider behind the magnificent the report is on site useful or just increasing the burden on the server

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