The search engine core competitiveness user experience

2, the chain is still able to row on the home page of

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electric station: competition will have a better user experience

user experience from long ago began to say, speak loudly on the Internet but the overall experience is still relatively before it suspended in midair, (before 2012) is indeed no small progress, whether it is business or portal site experience improvements have no small progress, these are not only the reason of search engine continuous improvement: the emergence of Scindapsus algorithm, and the webmaster progress of self consciousness.

3, the user experience is not good website will be punished (right down, K

now than before, we often hear the consumer more and more intelligent, more and more critical. Before, the price war is the main battlefield of the market now: service is the main competitive market. Although the price is still attracting people’s attention, but decided to buy is experience. Seven days no reason to return "enjoy before payment" business competition user experience no need, the customer is no longer the pursuit of price but higher quality and service. "Order three" is practical? Who can not say, but the hunger marketing millet let the user know: rare is the better; the success of millet not only understand the customer psychology, is to seize the hungry market, if there is a mobile phone for this marketing approach will fail.

Scindapsus algorithm, can do website content, rely on the chain can obtain very good rankings; search engine duplicate content, the title of the party spread, the user experience is very low, which completely defeated Robin Li (hyperlink patent inventor), until the appearance of Scindapsus, search engine and user oriented to the slogan change the search engine. Perhaps the time is (China) when the shock of the internet.

acquisition station, cheating station will not be rolled over

Hunger marketing >

1, the average user good websites will get good rankings


search engine: the user is supreme


Scindapsus algorithm: the next few years will focus on the user experience as the center, the specific form of the following


line customer is God, God is still online shopping customers, sellers will be respected, a "pro" to explain? Whether the Jingdong or Taobao or other, are based on customers, not only electricity supplier website competition, the competition between sellers is also very fierce competition will have better. The user experience. If there is no competition, market sellers buyers will not have this experience, the society will not progress, the user experience will be the core competitiveness of any marketing, customers who in the market.


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