Shanghai Longfeng employees don’t tiger

the Shanghai dragon industry development up to now already is not a personal hero of the era, personal webmaster website from Shanghai dragon or the website user experience has been a qualitative development, not to mention the development of large web sites. Then the development and achievement in the future how the Shanghai dragon in this industry? The answer is Shanghai Longfeng practitioners do not explain "tiger", see below.

B. to use the resources of others

tiger with the people do not have the physical strength and the minions, tiger cannibalism is normal. But the tiger but rarely eat people, but people often tiger hunting and the fur for sitting supplies. Because the tiger is on its own strength and conditions, no one’s wisdom, but wisdom is available with weapons, so the power can be 100 times than the tiger. Came to the conclusion that "the world force without wisdom, and use instead of people who are also like a tiger." Shanghai Longfeng employees according to the development of the Internet now is not the consideration of what? That is, Shanghai Longfeng employees don’t tiger".

Shanghai Dragon For example:

is now the Shanghai dragon industry is a resource industry, resource is the site planning stage must consider the problem of the importance of visible resources. And we know Shanghai Longfeng resources of "people" in this resource is the most important, and most important. Talk about from the following aspects of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners how do not "tiger":

A. do to others by Shanghai dragon force

3, "tiger" to have the team spirit and the idea of

from Shanghai Phoenix the most basic things "chain", now a website without the chain is difficult to quickly put the love Shanghai up to do, to form a chain of the team is undoubtedly a good way to solve the problem.

2, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners how do not "tiger"

a team spirit of the Shanghai dragon Er is very difficult to have long-term development, who do not want their partners no sincerity, or even deceive ourselves. Those without win-win cooperation is not for a long time, those who do not want to "tiger" Shanghai dragon practitioners should understand: only others just never force force for others to use, and ultimately may be without him by force. Such people have no "tiger" heart, but finally Shanghai Longfeng employees in the old "tiger" a.

for the development from the end of 2009 to now has nearly tens of thousands of students, why is there such a development, a big reason is the use of "person" means the marketing department, in the at each person for each trainee is marketing, for the launch of the sale of state propaganda guest 80% of the students for their absorption enrollment, the effect as can be imagined.

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1, Shanghai Longfeng employees don’t "tiger" origin of

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