Shanghai Longfeng professional website data analysis

three, keyword analysis



I usually do in a Shanghai Longfeng professional website, although do not long, but the flow of ascension is very fast, I think this and I usually look at some data of the website, according to the data analysis of some improved methods are related, so today I come and share my data analysis method, although it is relatively simple, but also their own practical experience, welcome to

from the above chart we can see that this web traffic is relatively high three times:

can be seen from the figure above the site of the visitors from the "North Canton" the three city is more, I think it is because the three city belongs to the relatively fast development at present, this emerging industry professionals Shanghai Longfeng company also is more, so access to professional website people will be more.



1, 9~10 morning: summary of the analysis of the first point, if it is a professional Shanghai dragon Er to access the site you should, most people will choose to work just in time.

, a visitor source analysis


This is summary


2, 14~15 p.m.: this time there are a lot of companies are at lunch, use the time to rest a little look is possible.

two, the traffic flow analysis

first thing to say is I is used in the analysis tools: 贵族宝贝

analysis of the above simple, my conclusion is: because I do is Shanghai dragon professional type of site, or within the industry who should see more, so in the construction of websites I was more inclined to improve professional, whether in content or more new chain platform the choice; another is to update the contents of the time in the period of high flow rate to actively seize the issue it, long before I believe there will be good results. If you have what good suggestions can be pointed out


for the website editor is a very useful data, it can be seen as simple as "Shanghai dragon" is the word users search more, although this word is difficult to do, but I will be appropriate to dig some long tail keywords according to these popular words, after efforts to do the home page.

3, 21~22 PM: this time to complete the basic work, is a more relaxed time, increase the amount of visitors is also a reason.

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