Shanghai dragon Links exchange skills and how to exchange


when I asked what Links understand when people will say: is your link exchange, or with someone else’s address to exchange each other’s address, but the other address directly to our address, this is called friendship cross links. In fact, that is, very direct and straightforward, but that is too general, the real meaning did not explain it, now I give you what is Links, Links as is said in a friendly way to exchange, what is friendship? Is the voluntary exchange connection form, and everyone all know that the weight of each website is a high, so if our website weight is relatively low, when a high weight website can pull us back then, so we do in Shanghai Longfeng work will save a lot of effort, of course, if our website weight is relatively high, the other the weight is relatively low, so on our website is not what effect, so now the exchange form is basically the same weight or similar circumstances and exchange. When we exchange Links should also note that there are a lot of friends said that if we exchange the Links is not good, or be punished if it could hurt their own website, the website ranking may also decline, a waste metal recycling station h958贵族宝贝 the author will encounter this situation, even if we exchange the weight low website links, may our website will be right down, and when exchange links to exchange links with the industry, strong correlation, we will strengthen the influence of website, there are a lot of these claims.

recently there are a lot of friends with my QQ and I exchange, in exchange for the users to understand some of Shanghai dragon, also do not know what, there are some people very headache, probably because of his Shanghai dragon had no contact, or do not know how to do Shanghai dragon just know, Shanghai Dragon can improve website ranking, can help us to allow customers to automatically find the door good stuff, but the specific operation is in the mind is very fuzzy, I to this part of the netizens of the website of the view, which I found a lot of netizens exchange concept of Shanghai dragon Links completely understand wrong, give a simple example, we do in Shanghai Longfeng work, which can improve the ranking and the rapid increase in PR method is worth Links, so big All know that Links is good, but the wrong understanding the true meaning Links, some people feel that as long as I have the website appeared to love Shanghai, Sina, Sohu and other large web link address, it will have an impact on my website, said here can understand Shanghai dragon friends think: this child how silly? Some friends do not understand will think that this idea should be right. So I put the idea to the novice right, now I give you a Links what is going on, how the exchange will have Links effect, we look at the following:

, what is Links

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